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Sep 8, 2023


Prince Handley
President / Regent

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There was a FALSE discipleship teaching—The Covering Movement—that took hold in the 1970's that was out of the pit of Hell. Thousandsmultitudesof fine Christians were ensnared in it. I remember one time I bought a gift to take to a Minister in that movement who was on their death bed. The person who took the gift said, “We will have to submit this to the Elders for approval.”

Another time a Pastor friend of mine—Reverend Cecil Pumphrey—was directed of the Lord to do evangelistic outreach at a university. He asked the leaders of a local church—the church was part of the False Discipleship and Covering Movement—if they would like to work with him in the evangelistic outreach at the university. They said, “No! And if you continue we will come against you with everything we have.”

You haven't heard anything yet … READ ON!





BEWARE:  Watch in the future for heretical movements like the following I describe.


You have probably read (or heard podcasts) in some of my past teachings about the “False Discipleship” Movement or Shepherding Movement that gained momentum in the 1970's. I call it the FALSE COVERING MOVEMENT where you were supposed to have a “covering” … a person over you. You “needed covering” and they would give it IF you did everything exactly like they instructed.”


There was a group of men called the Florida Four or “Ft. Lauderdale Five” such as:

Derek Prince
Robert Mumford
Charles Simpson
Don Basham
Ern Baxter


These men were all good teachers BUT they were all deceived about Christian Leadership and wrecked many families and lives and ministries.


Many mainstream AND evangelical Christians were caught up in the Shepherding Movement. The result was a trick by Satan to kill evangelism. Here is what several victims of the Movement told Pat Robertson about the Shepherding Movement:


The Word and the will of God for our lives today should come first to the group of pastors that get together in a certain city… God reveals to them the purpose for the city and His purpose for the disciples.” “We are not a John 3:16 ministry. We are here to establish the government of God on earth.”


The architect of “the shepherding system” with one “shepherd/pastor” over eight to twelve individuals, was primarily Charles Simpson. Their strongest critics in the Charismatic Movement were myself and men of God like Pat Robertson, my friend Demos Shakarian, and David du Plessis. The Shepherding Movement seemed to diffuse about 1986 but with some areas of continuance in much the same way afterwards.


Pat Robertson saw the danger of the False Shepherding Movement and via CBN he pronounced the “Shepherding” teaching “witchcraft” and said the only difference between the “false discipleship group” and Jonestown was “Kool-Aid.”


I was used by God to inform many churches and people of this heretical Movement in the USA and other countries. I had NOT even heard what Pat Robertson or others taught about this Movement, however, I SAW its effects with my own eyes and witnessed what it was doing in the lives of wonderful Christian people. It stigmatized them and robbed them of spiritual power through its FALSEnot realdiscipleship. It seemed to be a tactic of Satan to quench true discipleship and the move of the Holy Spirit that occurred during the Jesus People Movement.


The relationships that were formed became known theologically as “covenant relationships.” Those involved had to be submitted to a “shepherd,” who in turn was submitted to another shepherd … and up the line submitted to the “Fab Five” or their representatives. If this reminds you of a pyramid scheme or Multi-level marketing scheme you're probably right!


Effectively, if unintentionally, this put the individual in the position of having TWO masters– Jesus and a personal shepherd. With time the personal shepherd gains more power, as Jesus gets less. And in time, this creates a system where those who have unquestioning obedience to man are promoted. All kinds of ungodly things came in through these doors.


Several books have been written detailing the kinds of abuse suffered as a result. The scary thing about the whole system is that it started out with the intent of promoting accountability, and eventually enslaved people. When someone says “Who is your covering?” They are asking the basic Shepherding question. Ironically, Jesus was asked this same question by the Pharisees: “By what authority do you do these things?” His ministry was NOT submitted to them, and they didn’t like that so they tried to shut him down, but the work of the Holy Spirit was the validation of His ministry. 

And remember, the Enemy used CHRISTIAN LEADERS to effect his
purpose thru the False Discipleship … Shepherding Movement!


The Movement was so prevalent that at one point I thought: “HOW in the world will people ever see the light about this dangerous phenomenon?” I remember being invited to different “Shepherding” Movement churches in Chicago [they invited me because God was doing MIRACLES and I held large seminars in Chicago at McCormick Place] where I told the congregations point blank that “NO PERSON is your Covering … Jesus Christ is your Covering.” Many times, I had people ask me, “Who is your covering?” “Where do you submit?” I would always answer: “The Lord Jesus Christ.”


Pat Robertson said of the Shepherding Movement, “It is obvious that any movement which feeds upon itself will expire. Jesus gave to his church the task of holding forth the word of life to a world without hope. The obsessive desire to order and govern Christians will invariably cut the nerve of evangelism.” Jesus said to “feed my sheep.” Healthy, well fed sheep must reproduce. Jesus did not say “dominate sheep and prohibit them from reproducing.”


Bob Mumford sincerely repented several years later, as did Derek Prince. Both Prince and Mumford experienced years of fruitful ministry later.


My friend, the reason I am sharing this information with you is that for the last 35 years there has NOT seemed to be any such “deception” in the Body of Christ other than the anti-Charismatic sector and those who do NOT believe in the Scriptural Gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:4-11) and the Five-Fold Ministries (Ephesians 4:11).


Be diligent and WATCHMANY Jews are coming to Messiah Yeshua … and MANY people are receiving MIRACLES, breakthroughs and learning their AUTHORITY in the Kingdom, and operating in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Enemy may try something in the future. Be ready to expose him and his lies!


And remember, the Enemy used CHRISTIAN LEADERS to effect his
purpose thru the False Discipleship … Shepherding Movement!

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

Your friend,
Prince Handley


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