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Sep 5, 2019



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In this podcast teaching I will discuss “MIRACLES in the Postal Service.” True stories of God's Holy Angels doing MIRACLES of mail processing AND delivery! I want to encourage YOU to enlist the help of the Holy Angels for whatever you need … IF you are living for God and involved in His Work!






I want to talk to you today about miracles in the United States AND Foreign Postal Service … more specifically, “God's Holy Angels Will Work For You.”

Yes, that's right:
MIRACLES in MAIL. I want to encourage you today about how God's Holy Angels will help you … when you're involved in God's Holy Work ... in the work of disseminatingpropagatingthe Word of God AND the teachings of Messiah Jesus. Jesus taught us, “Whatever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them.”

This is podcast is to tell you about some things that have happened in the Postal Service.
One time I was shipping to over 100 countries in one day … and I didn't have the funds to send everything by International Mail. This shipment was very important. It involved reaching lots of people, multitudes of people in different countries with the Word of God. We prayed over every part of this shipment andbecause we did NOT have immediately the necessary fundswe sent them by “Surface Mail.” This should have taken five to six weeks to go into some of these countries. Some a lot longer if they were going into far away villagesvery remote villagesbut I needed a FAST response.

So I prayed to the LORD and I asked God to have the Holy Angels assist in this shipment.
I asked God to have the Holy Angels get the shipment(s) to the people speedilyand get the responses back to me speedily. I needed Angelic intervention and I got it. I needed to get this project out that God had put on my heart to reach people with the message of Messiah Jesus, how He can save, how He still heals today, how He delivers people and how He baptizes in the wonderful Spirit of God: the Ruach Elohim.

Check this out: I got answers
responsesback to me in about a week. If you know anything about Postal Mail in any country … especially International Mailif you've ever been involved in Global Mailthis was a MIRACLE. in about a week, the shipment had already been to several countries and I received answers (responses) back to my office.

Think about this:
The TIME (remember, we used “Surface Mail” by ships at sea) for my shipment to get to the people in other countries … PLUS the TIME for them to sit down and write a letter of response … then, the TIME to go to their Post Office (which in many cases would be many miles away, and some of the people may not even have had the money for postage right then). Then the TIME for the mail they sent to get back to me.


At that time there were NO computers or Email, so we had to use Postal Mail.
At that time “Surface Mail” was available by ships at sea.
This is WHY we shipped by “Surface Mail.”

If you've ever been overseas, you know how poverty stricken it is in many Third World countries. However, in about a week I had responses back already.
Now why was that? Because I was involved in doing God's Work and in doing God's Will. If there's anything that I've learned through the years, it's this:

If your plans fit into God's plans ...
you will have God's faith, and
God's faith always works.

We now use the Internet effectively for marketing, but years ago we used to market with print advertising, and providing opportunities for people to study the Bible. These were on Business Reply Cards. Now these Return Cards were good only in the United States. In other words, people would tear a card off from a poster or sign whether it was in a bus or a laundromat, or wherever. Then they would write their information on the card and send it back to us, requesting
Bible Studies: Free Bible Studies through the whole New Testament. [Now available online in Spanish, French and English.]


These Reply Cards would come back to us and we would pay the postage when we picked them up at the Post Office. These were only goodlegalwithin the confines of the United States. However, I remember getting one from a 14 year old Arab girl in Bethlehem. Her name was Niya Aliss. Her Reply Card came all the way from Bethlehem, Israelacross the Middle East, then the continent of Europe … into the United States … into California … into the City of Downey … and into PO Box A. These Reply Cards should never have been honored [NO postage on them], let alone made the trip to the USA. I redeemed the young Arab girl's Reply Card for 10 Cents, and we sent her Bible Study course. She graduated from the Free Bible Studies course and became a fantastic Christian. Now who do you think did that? My friend, God is in control. His Holy Angels are still at YOUR service today … IF you are living for God and involved in His Work!

One time at the large Post Office in Downey, California (USA) I was checking our mail which came into PO Box A. I was in the lobby. A lady was attempting to go into the lobby from the outer area where all the PO Boxes are located. All of a sudden
she was stricken with blindness and fell to the ground, crying out. I ran into the lobby (where there are usually 6 to 8 Mail Clerks) and requested help for the lady, but nobody would help (or even try to get help for her). So I went back to where the lady was on the ground, and prayed as follows: “Satan, I bind you in the Name of Jesus Christ, and command you to loose this lady. I command her eyesight to return.” Thank God, instantly the lady was delivered, and her eyesight returned.

Demons are still alive today. And that's why Jesus
Who is still alive todaydelivers from demons. Yeshua (Jesus) still heals today. He still saves. He still baptizes in the Spirit of God. Every one of the Gospels tells that Jesus is the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit. Plus the Holy Bible tells us in the Book of Acts: He is a Savior, He is a Healer, He is a Deliverer, He is the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit, and He is the soon coming King to rule over the Kingdom of God here on Earth: the Messianic Kingdom that the Jewish people have looked for throughout centuries.

I've had a lot of other MIRACLES related to the Postal Service.
I have received mail with my name on it, but no address. I'm looking at a letter right now that I received that had nothing on it. It had NO name, it had no address. It had no city, no state, no country, no zip code, nothing. It came from the country of Ghana. In that letter there was a photo of a man handing out our Gospel literature at a funeralway back in a remote village. I can tell because I have been in that country many times. Along with that photograph is a request for more literature. The Postal Serviceboth overseas (International) AND in the USA―could only read a line at the bottom of the envelope that says, Christ's Healing Power. The Holy Angels made sure the envelope was delivered to me.

My friend, God will do anything for you if you'll do anything for him. Jesus said,
“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

I trust this message will encourage YOU to enlist the help of God's Holy Angels.

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

our friend,
Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

Podcast time: 6 minutes, 32 seconds.

© Prince Handley 2019


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