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Dec 23, 2023


Prince Handley
President / Regent

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This is a very important teaching. I want to share something with you that I have not only learned from experience … BUT also re-learned due to disobedience: by NOT obeying the directions of God.

We are living during the Entrance of the EndTimes. More and more demonic activities are being manifested: in government, in the arts, in religion, and in media. Just look backwards for three years!

Due to the sudden shift in the spiritual climate I am directed by God to warn you to make sure you use FAITH and PRAYER in your decision making. Also, to be sure of the decisions you are making: short and long term. Do NOT open yourself to demonic activity, oppression, or the results of making a decision which could subject you to attacks on your body, mind, spirit, relationships or your finances. Stay under the Anointing of God's Spirit … follow your heart as God leads you.



If you're NOT sure ... then don't!  Do NOT make rash decisions.

This is one of the greatest lessons I have learned in life.

Stay in the "peace" zone!!! When you feel pressured to do something ... if you do NOT have peace about it―WAIT―do NOT go forward.

It is better to be at peace―to stay in the "peace zone" rather than to go ahead―even if it looks good! This can be a trick of the enemy to get you in bondage and mental duress.

Pray about the situation. Do NOT let people, even friends, coerce you or persuade you to take action IF you do NOT have peace about the situation.

I promised God one time that I would never do anything, or take action concerning anything, that I was NOT sure about. 
If I had a question about the situation, or if I did NOT have peace, I promised God that I would NOT go forward.

The reason I made this promise to God was that I got into a very difficult, and emotionally trying situation, as a result of a FAST―or, rash―decision that I made.

Lots of times people are emotionally distressed because of such uncertain behavior: going ahead of God!
For help with depression, study my teaching, "Healing Mental Disease and Depression."

Nothing can bind you if you will follow your heart and listen to God.

I am going to tell you WHAT to do if you are bound and have lost peace―that is, you have become emotionally disturbed―as a result of “going ahead of God.”

First, PROMISE God that you will NEVER do anything again unless you have peace about it. That is, you will make NO rash decisions.God loves you, my friend, and He does NOT want you bound by unwise decisions and actions. He paid the GREATEST price―the gift of His Son, Messiah Yeshua―that you could be FREE!

Second, ASK God to turn the situation around and smite Satan through it, and give you a BLESSING in spite of what you have done. Ask God for mercy. Read Micah Chapter 7, verses 7 thru 10 in the Tanakh (the Hebrew Old Testament).

Third, give a GIFT to God. As a result of God turning this situation around, and for His mercy and kindness in restoring you, promise God AHEAD OF TIME that you will give him a certain, specific gift ... or that you will take a certain, specific action of love and/or sacrifice as a GIFT to Him.

Fourth, THANK God ahead of time―and every day―for His deliverance that He is going to show you. He WILL show Himself strong in your behalf IF YOU are sincere.


I trust this teaching will help you, my friend. I learned the SECRET I have shared with you the HARD WAY. And through the years, I have seen the manifold mercies of God as a result of what He taught me―even through my RASH decisions―even decisions that looked good, or that other people thought were good, but that I did NOT have peace about when I made them.


Yes, stay in “the zone” where you experience continual freedom: the “peace zone.”

Once there, stay there ... don’t let anyone or anything get you out of the zone.

And if you need some help with direction, here are some scriptures for you:

Psalm 27:11
Jeremiah 42:3
I Kings 19:9-12
Isaiah 30:21

Now in additon I want you to learn HOW to follow your heart for those times when you
NEED to make a decision BUT would like more assurance from God or His Holy Wordl
Click on the links below:

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Decision Making 101 (Book by Prince Handley)

I trust this teaching will help you, my friend. Now you go encourage, heal AND help others!

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

Your friend,
Prince Handley
President / Regent
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