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Jul 29, 2023


Prince Handley
President / Regent

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When man's union with God was severed by Adam's sin in the garden man's ability was severed from God's ability. Man's word was severed from God's Word. Man fell from the realm of God's ability into the realm of human ability. In the realm of human ability, man is dependent upon his own resources … and the resources of man are limited to his mind and his body.

The mind of man can only derive its knowledge through the senses of man's physical body. That is your mind can only derive through the senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell … unless you've learned to derive through faith in God. When Adam sinned, he was no longer a faith creature, faith died. The supernatural was lost and reason was born. But today that can be changed in your life. You may say to me, “I'm already a believer. I already know the Lord, Jesus.” But are you moving in faith? Are you serving God the way you'd like to: where you want to, and when you want to? If so, that's total freedom in Christ. If not, I've got the answer for you today. God is going to change your life and He's going to make you everything you want to be!

In the book of Ecclesiastes we see that the preacher said, “Cast the breadthe message of God, the living breadupon the waters.” And if we do, we will find it after many days. He tells us to give a portion to SEVEN. (The number SEVEN in the Bible is the number of completion.) God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day. But the preacher tells us to also give a portion of the breadthe message that people needto EIGHT. (The number EIGHT in the Bible is the number of new life.) He said to over-saturate. Now you may say to me, but aren't you afraid of overkill? Not with a message of life. My brothers and sisters, we can flood the Word of God into all the earth and it will do nothing but bless and heal and encourage people to know and serve the Lord. Jesus.

I've got something I want to share with you. God told me to allow a miracle to be worked in your life. Now, do you know that you can allow miracles to be worked in the lives of others? If you'll obey Godand as you continue to obeyGod will continue to bless you. I want to cast my bread upon the waters today. I don't know how many are listening to me right now in the different radio stations that we're on in the United States and other countries, but I'm going to cast my bread to YOU. I want you to be touched with the power and the healing love of God almighty and the learn how to loose the same into the earth: into every nation, tribe, tongue, and dialect that needs the bread of Jesus.

We give a portion to sevenand also to eightbecause someday the door may be closed to global evangelism or any evangelism!. I want to ask you a question, my friend, are there some clouds in your life today?

If there are some clouds, in your life, that's good news. The Bible tells us when the clouds are full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth. You see, it's the rain that softens the soil that prepares the soil to receive the seed. It's the rain of God's Spirit that prepares the soil in your hearts and mind and life to receive the message of God. I don't know what you're going through right now, but the Holy Spirit knows.

I SEE IN THE SPIRIT that there are two musicians in a room somewhere listening to me now. I hadn't planned to share this in this program, but I see you in the spirit. You're ready to quit your music ministry because you've been hurt by a well-known personality. And the Spirit of God has told me right now to tell you: “To go on, God's getting ready to use you more than he has ever used you before.”

My friends, be encouraged in the Lord today. Are there some clouds in your life today? That's good news. The situation that you're inpossibly a problemwhatever it is in your life, it seems to be even tearing your heart apart. The words I speak right now are preparing the soil in your life and heart to receive the God's MIRACLES. God wants the BEST for you, my friend. You see the rain softens the soil to prepare it for the seed. And later on the other rains come and moisten the seed that's in the soil preparing to germinate so the harvest can come to fruition. Rains come at different times in your life. One to prepare you to receive the message of God, another season to help the seed germinate and grow so the harvest can come forth in your life to bless the world around you. Be encouraged. If there are some clouds in your life today, they're going to empty themselves and you're going to be a fruitful, beautiful creation of God that will bless the world.

You know, clouds are beautiful and rain is beautiful, too. God told me years ago, if I would just obey and go to the streets and preach the gospel to the cities and the nations of the world He would bless me. You know, I moved out in faith and God touched my life spiritually, mentally, physically, financially and materially. God worked MIRACLES for me.

My friend, you don't need to be structured to serve God. You don't have to depend upon a big organization or a little one. All you need to do is learn how to lean on the Lord Jesus Christ and honor Him as your coveringand follow the Holy Spirit. Be a blessing to the church and to the world. God will take care of you.

I love to preach in the rain. One time God sent me to the streets to preach in a downpour of rain. I was drenched. I owned one suit in which I married and buried people and preached. My wife and I used to have a joke in the mornings. I'd get up and my wife would say, “Which suit do you want me to prepare today?” And I would say, “Well, why don't you get the gray one ready?” Well, it was the only one I had. But one time when God sent me to preach in a torrent of rain, I ruined that suit. All the way home I remember thinking, “I've ruined my clothes.” My shoes were already becoming mildewed on the way home.

I started to be discouraged on the way home BUT God encouraged me and spoke to my heart, “You gave out and I will bless you back.” You know what? Within a day or twoafter ruining that only suit that I wore day by daya man called me from another state and said, “I cannot get your name out of my mind.” He said, “Do you need anything?” I said, “No, brother, I don't need anything. I have Jesus Christ.” And he said, “Well, I'd like to buy you some clothing.” He said, “Meet me at the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.

You know that man kept breaking hundred dollar Travelers Checks buying me clothes, and then giving you the change. He even got mad at me because I wanted to tithe out of the change. And I said, “Look, I've got a good enough thing going by paying God His tithes, don't stop it now.” So he kept breaking these hundred dollar Travelers Checks, kept buying clothes for me and giving me the change. God blessed me back for those clothes that I ruined in the rain with eight changes of clothing plus a pair of new kidskin leather shoes. I want to tell you, my friend, God will bless you abundantly if you serve him and don't look at the rain clouds. Don't worry about the rain in your life. That's a good sign. Just move in faith.

Just sow the message of the Bread of Life. Has the Holy Spirit been speaking to you concerning a need in somebody else's life? As you see that need, go meet it. Don't worry about the rain clouds! Not only will you be blessed by being under the anointing of the Holy Spiritbecause that's where the action isbut you'll also be blessed because you'll receive back from God as you give out in pure motivation.


Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

Your friend,
Prince Handley

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