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Sep 21, 2007

APOSTLE TALK - Future News Now!

with Prince Handley

Prince Handley



Previously we talked about right thoughts plus diligence will cause you to profit.

Today, I want to continue with another powerful concept: THE VISION AND THE MIRACULOUS. A more specific title would be: Creating with vision and decision through the eye of your mind mixed with faith.

To SEE with the eye of the mind … that is, to envision … can encompass the following: imagination, thinking, and decision making. To cut out with the eye of your mind is to SEE IT, or to THINK IT upon the tablet of your heart or human spirit. This will enable you to experience MIRACLES ... real miracles ... for the glory of God!

In Job 22:28 we read, You shall also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto you... In the original Hebrew language the word decree is a primitive root form of the word gazar, which means to cut out exclusively, or to decide. In its primitive form it is used also as a quarrying term ... as in cutting out stone from a rock quarry. It means more than to say or speak. It conveys the meaning of cutting something out in the eye of your mind; that is, to envision ... to make a vision ... to decide upon it, and confess it ... and then it will be established unto you!

To decree is the progenitor of heart belief and mouth confession. It is BOTH the nucleus and all-encompassing embryo of initiating great moves of the Holy Spirit on Planet Earth. This is why we need to SPEND TIME MEDITATING THE WORD OF GOD. We are NOT talking about New Age type meditation, which can actually be used, and even energized, by demonic forces. We are talking about MEDITATING the Word of God so we KNOW HOW to work in alignment with our Father in Heaven, Jehovah.

When we meditate the Word of God we learn His principles; we also learn WHAT He wants (what His will is for the nations and for us). We also learn how to please Him by living holy and doing His will: reaching people and nations for Christ. Then we can DECREE a thing because we have decided upon it … we have cut it out in our mind's eye. We therefore BELIEVE it in our heart: the Holy Spirit has impressed the Will of the Father upon our mind and deposited it in our human spirit.

We have seen the Will of God in our mind's eye and have decided to implement it. We decree it by seeing, believing, and speaking. We ACT on our decision after we have HEARD from God … and it comes to pass. We PLAN in the Spirit; we IMPLEMENT in the Spirit. We BELIEVE and KNOW that it will come to pass and therefore we RECEIVE it for the glory of the Father.

Faith is wonderful … but it is even better when you have a PLAN to go along with your faith. If YOUR PLAN fits into THE PLANS OF GOD, you will have the faith of God … and the faith of God ALWAYS WORKS! In the next sesion we will discuss how to turn the tide … HOW to enter into the realm of the MIRACULOUS: where historical, earth-shaking, victories are won BY ... and FOR ... the glory of God!

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Have a tremendously blessed day. This is Prince Handley coming to you with 100,000 watts of pure love. Remember: the Messiah of Israel – Jesus – loves you ... and I do, too!

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