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Aug 15, 2019



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In this podcast teaching I will discuss MIRACLES that happened as a result of God giving me an IDEA for outdoor signs in different languages, and HOW two of them reached 1,000's of people every day for over a year.




In the last session I talked to you about the "Vis Tab" poster idea that God gave me where we produced signs: small size (3 by 4 inches), medium size (10 by 12 inches), and large size (30 inch by 40 inches). These were all
weatherproof outdoor signs; and when we put them up -- they were permanent -- and I mean permanent. If you wanted to take one off the building, you had to tear the wall down on the building! They reached multiplied millions of people for Messiah Jesus.

I told you in the last podcast about how I took inI didn't say smuggledI took in about 4,000 of the smaller signs to Israel, and I may have taken in the larger ones, too (I forget). But anyway, God got me through customs with a MIRACLE. I also told you about and how God had policemen put them up on the walls of the Police Station in Jerusalem. Soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) put them on their weapons (rifles). These signs were mightily used in Israel.

Well, I want to tell you some other things that happened with these signs. I promised to tell you about the large signs (30 by 40 inch). We had a special glue we used so they would have
permanent fixture. Not only were the signs waterproof but they also had protective coating over them to keep them from fading due to the sun and the elements. I planned for them to stay up for years! I learned some new things from God.

I had a friend and associate that worked with me. We started silk screening and we had different ideas that we shared with each other. In downtown Los Angeles, around Flower and Fifth Street, they were doing giant high-rise building construction.

They were doing lots of deep excavation and construction. They were building the Twin Towers
the ARCO Towers or ARCO Plazaat that time. This was a giant 52 story project. They had promo signs there, which listed the architects, engineers, contractors, etc. And these were just strategically placed by the LORD: one on the South East and one on the South West side of this giant "hole in the ground … one square city block" project.

ARCO Plaza


And these signs were just perfect for the large 30 x 40 inch “Vis-Tab” posters the LORD helped me to invent (gave me the idea). So one night, my associate and I prayed about going downtown at about 3 AM in the morning. We pulled up in a van and we took the ladders out of the van. We worked on both the East and the West portion of the project, and we had to work fast. So we unrolled the signs and applied the special "formula" glue that would prevent the signs from being taken down!

I remember we got the East portion done ... beautiful sign. It said,
"Appearing Here Soon: Jesus Christ" and had a graphic of a world globe on it. On the other face of this big structureon the West sidewe were getting ready to place the big sign with a Star of David that said "MESSIAH DIED FOR US ... WAS BURIED ... IS ALIVE" with Hebrew writing that said "Hear, O Israel." [Shema Israel.]

When we were working on the West portion, all of a sudden a police paddy wagon pulls up. Now we had already prayed that God would "blind" the police if they saw us. The police paddy wagon was like 10 feet from us waiting for a light. The light seemed like it lasted for eternity. We were right there in the middle, and I remember I'm holding onto the sign up on the ladder and my associate was using the squeegee on the bottom part of the sign, to smooth it out with the glue between it and the structure. All this time I'm reminding God that we asked him to "blind" the police. In other words, not to hurt them, but that they wouldn't see us.

The policeman could have heard me if I even sneezed. He was 10 feet from me with an open door on the side of the paddy wagon where he was sitting. Anyway ... he never turned his head one second. Never even batted an eye; he just sat there looking straight ahead waitiing for the traffic light to change. I'm holding that sign up there, right by him
right beside himand then he drove off when the traffic light changed.

So the LORD was with us.
Those signs stayed up there well over a year, until they had to take those structures down for landscaping and other reasons. Multiplied, multiplied THOUSANDS of people were reached EVERY DAY through those "Vis-Tab" signsmillions of people throughout one year's timenot only pedestrian traffic, but cars and public transit vehicles, as well. We probably had $100,000's of FREE advertising there. The construction project in downtown L.A.the architecture, the planning, the permits, the structureswere ALL designed by God for us to place these signs at the right time: the perfect time. The construction project, including the infrastructure, was perfect for these signs.

When you have an idea from God, the Holy Spirit will work ahead of you and prepare things for you ... so that what you do will be coordinated with other things and the logistics will flow together AT THE RIGHT TIME to release the Good News of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) to go to the public ... to the world ... to the people.

Now in a subsequent session, I'm going to tell you how I put a big billboard up
I want to give all the credit to the Holy Spiritin downtown Los Angeles, right on the route of some of the wealthiest Jews in the world where they traveled by every day. It was a tremendous MIRACLE and I'll share that with you some other time. Anyway, I hope this encourages you to listen to God, to receive his ideas, and to implement the ideasor at least share them with othersbecause IF the idea is not for you ... God wants you to be a good steward and share it with somebody else . The anointing of the Holy Spirit can be resident inor uponan IDEA to break the yoke of the enemy in the lives of people all over world.

Remember, the Good News is for the world: every nation, every tribe, every tongue, every dialect, every family, people, ethnic and religious group of the world ... so that they might know the love of God and the Good News that God sent his Son
―Yeshua, the Messiah of Israelto be the one-time, supreme sacrifice for the sins of the world.

And if YOU do NOT know Him, just
PRAY and tell God that you want to receive Yeshua (Jesus) as YOUR Messiah right NOW. God will give you Eternal Life, forgive your sins, and start you on your way to heaven.

I trust this has helped you, my friend. God has many IDEAS to give you
and many MIRACLES to happen as a result of those those ideasas you implement them or share them with others.

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

Your friend,
Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

Podcast time: 7 minutes, 17 seconds.

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