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May 19, 2016


Prince Handley
President / Regent


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There are several different reasons WHY you should want to listen to the Holy Spirit. However, the MAIN reason is that the LORD wants to give you a message for direction, protection or enablement. And, sometimes―if not many times―the message will be for someone else.

Some people may NOT be able to listen toor discernthe voice of the Spirit. Or, they may NOT want to listen to the voice of the Spirit due to rebellion or living in sin. Therefore, the LORD may send you a message via His Spirit to relay to the other person.

In my experience the message is usually given for specific knowledge in an area where help or advice is needed: in my life or in the lives of others.

The principles of God are timeless and transfer … and if we are students of God’s Word and have the knowledge of Proverbs we are able to navigate the problems and challenges of life. But when situations arise that are not clearly and specifically defined―as in ministry strategy or spiritual warfare or dream interpretation―then we need a “specific” word from the LORD.

Many people read the Holy Bible, but they are NOT listening to the Holy Spirit. God wants us to apply His Word to our lives. This is where listening to the Spirit brings success, victory and accurate direction.




Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, has come, he will guide you into all truth:
for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak:
and he will show you things to come.”
Jesus: John 16:13

One of the Holy Spirit's assignments is to glorify Christ. When you receive direction, help and enablement, Christ is glorified in your victorious life and testimony thereof: by your word and your lifestyle. The Holy Spirit guides you into ALL truth; spiritual, business, family, prophetic, physical, travel and relational truth.

Many people read the Holy Bible, but they are NOT listening to the Holy Spirit. God wants us to apply His Word to our lives. This is where listening to the Spirit brings success, victory and accurate direction.

As you become attuned―skilled―in listening to the Spirit, you will begin to notice that sometimes shortly after you receive a message you will experience a confirmation. For example, [I recently had this happen] if you receive a message about advice you would give a person, that person may contact you not long after and ask you for advice concerning the same (not knowing that you have already heard from God concerning them or their situation).


Sometimes listening to the Holy Spirit will be synonymous with the gift of prophecy. For example, one time after a large seminar I was conducting in Chicago a lady came up to me and said, “I have two wombs …”

I had already finished praying with people and I was really wanting to go to the place where I was to stay and go to bed. When the lady said, “I have two wombs …” my first thought was, “I must have preached past the anointing.” (I wanted to be anywhere but there.) What the lady said in full was this, “I have two wombs. If I conceive in the one womb the life will live, but if I conceive in the other (womb) the life will die. Do you have a word for me?”

Instantly―without thinking about it―I said to her, “You will have a son. He will live, and his name will be Samuel.”

When I was in Chicago about a year later I met little Samuel.

In similar manner, listening to the Spirit may sometimes by synonymous with the Word of Knowledge. For sure―if you operate in the gifts of the Spirit like Prophecy and the Word of Knowledge―you definitely need to be listening to the Holy Spirit. Study my book, How to Receive God’s Power with Gifts of the Spirit.

But there are times that God wants to give you a message for yourself and it may be just for reflection, or to meditate thereon. He may want you to think about what you would do in a certain situation that may be coming up in the future and you do NOT know about it yet―or, the complete details have not dovetailed together yet―and may not for quite some time.


You have to realize that God is for you. As in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the motive for listening to the Spirit should be to edify, improve, deliver, make whole or provide intelligence. Thank God, He did not leave us here without the tools and weapons we need to operate in power and victory … and especially as we progress into the End Times.

Realize this: we are at the entrance to the End Times. If the Early Church―or Messianic Synagogue―needed the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the five fold ministries of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher as laid out in Ephesians 4:11, how much more do we need them today? And, how much more will the followers of Messiah Jesus need them as we progress further along into the End Times.


We need to start our day with the Word of God. We need to be students of the Word of God. “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” (Romans 10:17) So the Word of God is the channel through which the activities of the Holy Spirit operate. When we have the Word of God in us―and operate based upon the Word of God―we hear (from God … from His Spirit). And when we hear from God, faith rises and MIRACLES happen.

But remember also, this is all predicated upon love. “Faith works by love.” (Galatians 5:6)

The Word of God is the channel though which faith flows, and love is the activator which triggers faith.


If you are living for God, then give God the benefit of the doubt. I have seen many MIRACLES since I learned to give God the benefit of the doubt. If you're NOT sure the message is from God, then check to make sure it does NOT conflict with Scripture. If it does NOT conflict with Scripture, then ask God for a confirmation that is clear and concise. NOTE: If you are “seasoned” in listening to the Holy Spirit then you probably won't require a confirmation.

We should NOT be surprised that the LORD works this way in addition to His many other modes of communication. We read of Him doing this throughout Bible in both the Tanakh (Old Testament) and the Brit Chadashah (New Testament). God has NOT changed. “For I am the LORD; I do not change.” (Malachi 3:6)

It's people who have not changed that corrupt His program. People who have never seen healing will tell you that God does not heal. People who have never seen miracles will tell you that MIRACLES do not happen anymore. People who do NOT believe in Apostles or Prophets operating today will tell you that those offices ceased after the Early Messianic Synagogue. However, to say that would be to prove ignorance―or, folly―as that would mean that the Scripture in Ephesian 4:11 has been rescinded: And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers.” No more pastors, teachers and evangelists either!


Also, realize that the LORD wants to communicate with people more than we do. And, He does NOT want his messages of direction and help to be cryptic or hard to understand. It amazes me how many people have never read the Holy Bible completely. Here's the greatest communication to mankind and they treat it like a magazine. My friend, get the Word inside you and YOU will begin to hear God. Start your day with it and end your day with it. I made a rule for my life years ago: “No Bible … no breakfast.”

The day is coming when the world government and the world religious system will destroy Bibles … including YOURS if you're still here. Then YOU will need to listen to the Spirit … and it may be too late.

The Holy Spirit will guide you into ALL truth as you listen to Him.

Here are THREE resources to help you: “New Testament Bible Studies”“Prophecy, Transition & Miracles … and “How To Receive God's Power with Gifts of the Spirit.”

New Testament
Bible Studies

Prophecy, Transition
& Miracles

How To Receive God's Power
with Gifts of the Spirit

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

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