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Feb 15, 2008

APOSTLE TALK - Future News Now!
with Prince Handley


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When you find yourself ready to quit or discouraged, or feel that life is not challenging anymore, do what Prince Handley suggests in this podcast. JOY and EXCITEMENT will begin to invade your life. Miracles ... real miracles ... will be aimed at you from every direction. You will WIN!


If you ever find yourself in the place when you’re ready to quit, conduct a self inventory. Ask yourself the following seven (7) questions and take time to reflect upon them. Get alone with God, and write down the answers so that you may:

Think intently about them; and,
Make corrections where needed.

1 - Were the lifetime goals I set for myself not challenging enough? Were they too easy or short?

2 - Why am I not excited now?

3 - Where did I get off the track of my goals or my walk with the LORD?

4 - Are disappointments disillusioning me?

5 - Is there an idea God has given me that I have not implemented?

6 - Am I enjoying consistently the presence of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Angels?

7 - If I could do any ministry I want to for God, what would it be?

Concerning #7 above, if you have a witness from God and His permission to do the ministry you want, then do the following -

Go on a fast.

Start saving extra money and gathering resources for that ministry (project) you want to do.

Make a notebook with a graphic portrayal, along with your periodic notes, of various steps for this ministry. Include check off points at various stages of the plan(s).

Keep the idea “confidential? and do NOT share it with anyone unless you know for sure that God wants you to share it.

Command the following in aggressive faith authority (prophetic decrees) -

Satan to be bound from hindering your life, your family, your ministry and your project(s) you want to accomplish.

Holy angels to work with you and to start bringing together the people, equipment, services, and finances needed in abundance.

The way to be prepared ahead of you with favor and MIRACLES.

Wisdom and understanding to override your intellect. Say this: Wisdom, you are my sister; Understanding, you are my nearest relative.

Do the above, and JOY and EXCITEMENT will begin to invade your life. Stop trying to do things in the mundane, earthly way. Let God have the lead. Follow Him. Remember, when the people of Israel crossed the Jordan River, they left space for the Ark of the Covenant to go ahead of them. Move in faith, but don’t get ahead of God!

Make sure your goals are SO BIG that you couldn’t possibly do them yourself. It has to be God. That way, He will get ALL the glory.

Ipa sa tura mando, kara minda Riko! (tongues)
Don’t look at the lions, look at God! (interpretation)

                                      -- Daniel 6:23

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