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Aug 13, 2013


Prince Handley

President / Regent



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With this teaching you will be able to reach the whole world for Messiah Jesus.



Let God multiply His Word … and His Work … through YOU! This teaching will show you HOW to use the media to proclaim the Good News to the whole world. Remember, the media is to be used to "teach all nations;" it should reflect and magnify the Messiah – not man! Specific examples are given in this teaching to help you get started. Let them explode IDEAS for you to use! Then get ready to SEE multitudes in Heaven you have reached when you arrive home!

NOTE: Listen to the podcast as there is much more material on the recording. Also, listen ALL the way thru as the material gets more advanced and detailed. And, especially listen to the part on comic books!





Isaiah 32:20; 42:8-9; 43:18-19; 55:11; Mark 13:10; 16:15; Luke 16:8; James 1:5; Zechariah 4:6.


"A channel of communication; sometimes advertising."


"To warn; to call attention to; to tell people about; or praise."


* Social Networking & Media
* Newspaper & Magazine Ads
* Transit Ads
* Radio & TV Spots (Ads) & Internet Advertising
* Street Drama
* Posters, Signs, & Stickers
* Holography
* Billboards
* Robotry
* DVD's, WebCams, & VideoCasts
* Podcasts
* Airplanes & Blimps
* PowerPoint or Multi-Screen Projections
* Clothing
* Arts, Crafts, & Theatre
* Internet / Websites
* CD-ROM’s & DVD's
* Comic Books
* Flash Movies

"Blessed (happy) are you that sow beside all waters…" (Isaiah 32:20)

Sow the seed of God's Word in every way you can!


Let God multiply His work through you through the use of literature; social media like YouTube, Wikipedia, FaceBook; CD's; DVD's; webcams, videocasts, podcasts, websites; comics; games; drama; iPods; iPhones; mp3 devices; and any other form of media that can be used by the Holy Spirit. Remember, the media is to be used to "teach all nations;" it should reflect and magnify Christ – not man! Study the examples below.


Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Linkedin and others are all excellent ways to spread the Good News of Messiah Yeshua. There are basically six (6) types of Social Media:

Social Networks (Facebook and Linkedin)
Social News (Digg and Reddit)
Blogs, Blog Comments & Forums (many types)
Microblogging (Twitter)
Media Sharing (YouTube and Flickr)
Bookmarking Sites (Delicious and StumbleUpon)

You can reach not only friends you know, or have known years ago, but people you interact with from nations and cultures around the world.
You can even use language translators like IM Translator, Smartlink and others to communicate with people of other languages.
Twitter is especially efficient in that you are limited to 140 characters and you can pack a lot if you link to a website in your message. You can link to sites you find helpful like,, The Healing Podcast or to specific pages on the sites: like Israel and the Middle East, healing, deliverance, etc.
Prince Handley also uses Twitter for 24/7 continuous release of selected teachings and podcasts. By God's grace, Prince Handley posts over 100 teachings per day to over 100,000 followers. Check out:


Larger ads (like store ads); may or may not use photos or illustrations. Get the attention of the reader. If you use artwork (photo or illustration), then make your picture fit your wording (copy). If you need help, the newspaper or magazine advertising department has people who will help you at no cost; or, pray and ask God to lead you to a Christian who is good in graphics or advertising. Use lots of white space in your ad; don’t crowd it. Make it easy to read. See example of "display ad below:
(Photo) A family on the rail of a steamship, or boarding an airplane.
(Text) "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved, and your house." [Note: The scripture text is placed somewhere in the ad with the copy and the photo or artwork, but don’t "crowd" the ad.]
Small, inexpensive ads (no photos) used to advertise pets, employment, notices, houses for rent. The "Announcement" section is very good to use since it usually comes first. Example of classified ad below:
(Copy) HERE’S YOUR CHANCE FOR A NEW START! The greatest Jew alive will be in [your city name] this week. You may call him ahead of time - He said to tell you, "Turn from your sins and ask me into your life. My name is Jesus Christ."
Use your imagination. If you have never been good in art, or if you have never been creative, do not let that stop you! Isaiah 42:8-9 and Isaiah 43:18-19 tell us that God can do a NEW work. Ask God for an anointing of creativity. Then ... START. Ask God for wisdom. [James 1:5]


60 second spots (1 minute). Run on non-Christian stations. Run at different times in the day to reach different audiences. For example:
Early morning - people going to work
Mid-Morning - people at home
Noon-time - mixed audience
Afternoon - school students
Late afternoon - people going home from work in car or bus
Evening - mixed audience
Run a "cluster" of three spots in one 5 or 10 minute period.
You can use a conversation between two people (but no more than two).
You might want to use background music or sounds.
Use 30 second spots. You don’t need as much time as you have the advantage of being able to SEE with SOUND. It is good to use people from different races and ethnic groups to show an example of Christ’s love and power! For example, a black person, a white person, a Jew, and an Arab.
NOTE: Always use the CONTENT of the Word of God in every ad you make.
Isaiah 55:11 tells us that God's Word will never return void ... it will prosper, and accomplish the purpose for which God sends it!
You can run ads on Google, Yahoo, and Email facilitators. Email them for specific rates and instructions. There are lots of good "How To Do It" books on the market covering with practical information (such as the "Idiot Guides," etc.).


Can be many different sizes: 10 cm "mini-poster" to 1 meter "maxi-poster".
Can be "peel-off" self-adhesive. Can be made in different languages.
Can be "weather-proof"; use special weather-proof paper or coatings. (Can be used in rain, sun, or snow.) Can be used for indoor or outdoor.
Can be large enough to be seen as people drive by. (Read Habakkuk 2:2)
If used outdoor (one meter sign), make the name "JESUS" large enough to be seen 150 meters away, then the rest of the message smaller so it can be read when people are close. The same sign can be used for all the sizes; just enlarge or reduce the original.


In some places, you can build your own billboards and put them up beside the road, highway, or freeway. In large cities, you may find large advertising companies who will give you free space for a period of time. The large size billboards which are rented usually are owned by advertising companies.
Pray and ask God to lead you to someone who owns land by a roadside and who will let you put up a large sign free. You can reach thousands!


It is easy ... and POWERFUL if done correctly ... to use social media like YouTube, Wikipedia, and FaceBook for video casts you produce. Go to these three media sources and view examples of what type of casts are being shown. Then, get your own ideas from the Holy Spirit. And ... don't forget to let people KNOW about your webcasts. Advertise! Promote! Get the word out! There are several inexpensive paperback books on the market to help you with this. Also, search online.
You can make your own video presentations. WebCams are very inexpensive. Also, many of the newer laptop (notebook) computers have built in webcams. For creative content you will probably want to purchase a better unit, however. Go to different computer stores and ask them about the kind of equipment you will need. Many places will rent equipment.
You might consider and pray about going to school (or taking an online computer course) in web production, cinematography, or other areas of video or webcam production.
Remember…God wants to reach people with His message more than you do!
DVD and web cam recorders provide an excellent means of video presentation and most people have their own DVD players or SmartPhones; however at the present, in some areas of Third World countries, films are still the most easily seen by large crowds in the outdoors, and the least expensive. For work in larger third world cities, where the people have their own TV, DVD players, satellite receivers and computers (or can rent one), you may want to use DVD's, WebCams, or VodCasts (video casts) to evangelize or to teach.


Podcasting is one of the most popular forms of media presentation with amazing growth and acceptance in countries all over the world. All you need is a computer and the know how. The know how can be learned from any of several books on the market. Do a search on the Internet, or at a library, for "podcasting." You can have a voice to the whole world for Christ. And ... if you are creative in the Spirit ... you will find an audience and friends in every corner of the globe! You need: 1. Content that is interesting; 2. Consistency in broadcasting (regular podcasts you produce); and 3. Uniqueness in presentation.


You need the following equipment:
WebCam ... or Video Camera … or Computer with software for presentations
One DVD player, or computer, or High Definiton screen. (NOTE: If the viewing is to be outdoors, or for large audiences, then you will need advice on what type of screen to use. In some Third World areas, films or DVD's are still used more practically with electric generators.)
By using three projectors you can show different pictures side-by-side, more action, and faster action. You can show someone finding Christ as their Savior, with a Scripture showing at the same time on the next screen, while a lot of color is "exploding" on the third screen: all of this while music is mixed with a recorded Gospel message.


Used on buses and taxis; and at airline terminals and subways. May be used inside or outside on buses. If used outside on buses, the ad is "eye-level" with the reader as the bus drives by them. The ad can be on the back, on the side, or on the front of the bus. If used inside the bus ("car-cards"), you can have "tear-off" mail cards attached so the reader can mail to you for literature.
Transit ads can be directed to specific ethnic groups, by using proper pictures, artwork, or illustrations and the right messages, not only at airports, but on buses which travel to certain ethnic areas and cities.


No expense involved. You don’t even need good clothes. Get a few people to paint their face, go to a busy place where there are lots of people, and put on your act… preach the Gospel with drama - outdoors or indoors - with voices (talking) or pantomime (silently, but with gestures). Great for marketplaces, malls, and wherever people gather.


A new way to project a three-dimensional ("3D") image into a space without a screen. You may want to research this online or at a university library.
It would be powerful to see an image of Elijah or an angel preaching to people!


Similar to holography only robots are used instead of projected images. In the last days, the Holy Bible tells us the anti-Christ (false-Messiah) and his false prophet will use an image [possibly a robot or holography]. Why shouldn't God's People, with the Spirit of God, use them to preach the Good News?


Airplanes can pull a short Gospel message behind them. They can be rented. There are also planes which can cut out letters in smoke to make messages. Airplanes may be used to drop Gospel literature in certain areas.
Blimps, airships, and dirigibles can also pull Gospel messages. And, lighted messages can be seen from computerized message centers placed underneath; in this way, long messages may be shown at night to millions in large cities.


Using the Internet (by computer) you can reach people all over the world. You can reach kings, queens, national leaders, politicians, wealthy people, religious leaders, criminal and gang leaders … people from every religious, political, and social strata … in their own home!
Ask God to lead you to someone who knows computers and can help you setup the site the way YOU want it. There are also several good text-editing programs on the market now which make it much easier to develop web-sites without a thorough knowledge of HTML or XML or RSS. Inquire at a computer software store, or search on-line.
People can E-mail you instantly from all over the world asking for prayer, information, or counsel … or for contacts to other Christians. You can establish "links" on your site in cooperation with other Christian ministries so the person viewing your site can interact and contact another ministry directly from your site.
If you are going to have "links" on your site, make sure they are NOT to a person or ministry who would destroy the FAITH of the people to whom you are ministering. For example, if you’re teaching someone about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, or about the Healing Power of Christ, you wouldn’t want them to link to someone who has lack of knowledge in the Word of God and would tell them a lie "that God doesn’t heal" … or that miracles don’t happen today!
Take advantage of E-mail if you are using the Internet. Not only for instant communication, but also to evangelize and teach! You can get E-mail lists (just like phone lists) and broadcast the Gospel to people right INSIDE their own houses and businesses.
Pray and believe God to give you a computer! Study and do diligent research so that you may be a good steward of what God has given you: your brain and time! Then let the Holy Ghost anoint you!!


CD-ROM’s and DVD's are an excellent medium to teach and preach Christ: thru music, sound, and video. Be as creative as you want! Produce actual testimonies or reenactments of true-life situations where God has done miracles in people’s lives … produce Bible-stories. Let people see Jesus as a REAL man (God in human flesh) in real life situations. DVD's can be used on computers, players, the internet. Ask God to lead you … then study, read, and learn all you can!
Do your part … and the Holy Spirit will do His!!!


This is perhaps the most unused and at the same time … the MOST POWERFUL … medium available. Young people and old people alike like comic books in every country of the world!
If you live in a big city, go to the annual comic book convention; you’ll see what a BIG market it is. Also, you’ll see how many cultists and demonized people are using this medium. Christians have MISSED THE BOAT! You can even do comic books in "Wordless" form where people can SEE the message through the art with NO words.
Apostle Handley has published wordless books for years for children [and adults] with NO ART at all … just using colors to explain sin, the blood of Christ, Heaven, Hell, God, and the Holy Spirit. How much more effective can you be WITH ART! Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to someone who is gifted in art. Go to a printer and find out how to prepare the manuscripts for printing and binding.
SUGGESTION: Make a COMIC BOOK with each of the following.
How To Be Whole
How To Be Healed
How To Receive God's Power
How To Prosper
You could have ONE 28 or 32 page comic, with 7 or 8 pages covering each of the 4 booklets above.
In other words, EACH of the four booklets above would be one section in the comic. There would be four sections inside the comic. Do them in English or whatever language you want at first with the artwork describing each of the phrases. You will have two (2) main printed areas on each artwork (caption) as follows:
Section 1: How To Be Whole [8 pages / with 4 pictures on each page]
Title for the first picture - "God created the universe … because He had a plan."
Dialogue for the first picture - "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." (Genesis 1:1)
Suggestion: Decide what characters will be in the comic sections: God, man, Jesus, devil, etc.
Then write out the dialogue and title for each picture (artwork) section.
Finally, have someone DRAW the art to depict the title and dialogue (action).
Note: You can show Jesus casting out demons, healing the sick in the section How To Be Healed. You can show people being baptized in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues in the section How To Receive God’s Power.
Twenty-two (22) people were baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues just from reading one of the printed copies of "How To Receive God’s Power" ... reading the SAME piece of paper!


You might even be blessed to produce a "wordless" comic book that could be understood by people anywhere in the world. People could be saved, healed, filled with Spirit, and learn how to prosper! Think what effect that would have on world missions, raising up churches, and helping to usher in the return of Jesus Christ to the earth to set up His Kingdom! You will have MANY rewards! God will BLESS you abundantly!!!

"And the Gospel must first be published among all nations."
– Jesus (Mark 13:10)

"You go into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature."
– Jesus (Mark 16:15)

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Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

Podcast time: 27 minutes, 35 seconds.


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