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Mar 25, 2015



  Prince Handley
President / Regent


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The Art and Principles of Christian Warfare was written in Africa and in the Republic of Mauritius over a four month period by Prince Handley. It includes such topics as:

  • Stratagem and tricks of the enemy.

  • Guidelines for interactive ministry.

  • How to operate in foreign cultures and countries.

  • Secret powerful truths of ministry.

  • Organizing ministry trips in other countries.

  • Exiting ministry trips.

  • When and how to work alone.

  • When and how to work cooperatively.

  • How to reach whole nations by yourself.

  • Warrior mentality and diversionary tactics.

Plus many other specific guidelines in the art of Christian warfare.


There are several strategies, tricks, and diversionary tactics of the enemy to halt, hinder, impede, nullify or destroy your ministry.

You must always be cognizant of this fact. There is a devil who has planned stratagem, and who has forces (spirits) of intelligence monitoring your plans, your progress, and your private relationships.

Do NOT be afraid. We will instruct you as to how to obtain and maintain the victory ... continually!

However, you need to be aware of the various stratagem of the devil. My purpose in writing this is so that you will be able to recognize his various tricks. If you know ahead of time how he works, then you will be able to resist and FIGHT as a strong warrior.

It is important in warfare to KNOW your enemy ... and to know HOW the tactical aspects of his warfare. Below are listed several methods of attack used by Satan. Some of his methods are:

  • To get you to quit. 

  • To get you to cancel an engagement or speaking / teaching. Ways the enemy uses to get you to do this are as follows:

A. Someone near you [associate, team member, driver ... or family member of the same ... "hanger-on," mixed multitude, etc.] is doubting, scoffing, heady [education versus the anointing] or high-minded.
B. Someone you're teamed with is not being honest with you, or being "sneaky" and using you.
C. Other speakers of different doctrine scheduled in the same meetings with you.
D. Being hurt emotionally, spiritually, or physically. (See #5 below.)

  • Diversionary tactics.

A. Having you meet an attractive member of the opposite sex (single or married).
B. Opportunity(s) to make lots of money, or "quick money."
C. "Quick roads" to ministry success.
D. Fame: going for "your" name and NOT Jesus' glory. (See #4 below.)

  • Pride

A. People not treating you right, or, respectfully ... and you may feel that you deserve better treatment (which you may).
B. Living a lifestyle for "show" or above your means.


  • Emotional disappointment(s), "broken heart," or very rude action(s) on the part of others.

  • Prolonged goal attainment or unaccomplished desire(s). Many times when we experience the "death of a vision" God brings resurrection; however, if a person is NOT persevering in faith, discouragement can set in.

  • Death of a loved one.

  • Lies, false accusations (or, true ones), or gossip.

  • Not being used, included, or recognized. Being "shut out" by your peers or others, either purposefully or unknowingly.

  • Another person, or people, being promoted or recognized and you know they are NOT worthy of the recognition. 

  • Sickness. You must claim and receive your healing. Go in faith unless the LORD tells you to stay.

  • A combination of any of the above.

SUMMARY: Walk DAILY in faith, pray in the Spirit, stay in the Word, obey the LORD, and keep your heart in forgiveness with love.

  • The Holy Spirit will always be leading you in the OPPOSITE direction of the devil. 

  • The Holy Angels are assigned from God to protect you. 

  • There are many promises in God's Word to give you victory.

Do NOT be afraid. Fear immobilizes the Body of Christ. Remember the old saying: "Fear knocked at the door, faith answered, and no one was there!" Speak this scripture to yourself often, "For I have not received a spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and a sound mind (or, self control)." (2 Timothy 1:7)

I have prepared a complete unabridged edition of my book, The Art of Christian Warfare - Rules of Command.

It is available in both e-Book and Paperback formats. This book is a
must-read if you are serious about serving God during these End Times we are entering. (Click on the link above for order information.)

Remember ... we are in a war ... but our Leader has already WON it for us. Keep your head up and your faith working.

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
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You can reach LOTS of people for Christ by doing a “Review” on Amazon about these NEW two books: New Global Strategyand The Art of Christian Warfare.

The Art of Christian Warfareis a companion book to New Global Strategy. It is much more focused on church planting and building disciples ... and also includes "tips and suggestions" for the Christian worker: on and off the field.

NOTE 1: New Global Strategyis ONLY available in e-Book format because I placed LOTS of links (probably weeks of study in it) to help train the Christian missions director or worker. (Less pages - 37 - but lots of links).

NOTE 2: The Art of Christian Warfareis a manual and guide for global missions—it will get the job finished. See the contents. This book has the LARGEST amount of free pages view (for a book of this size) of any book we have ever seen on Amazon. It is 95 pages and available in BOTH eBook and Print format.

A Review for both books will be appreciated
. These books will effectively prepare Christian workers for global outreach in the last days. Thanks for your help!

P.S. - We did a perusal of the available books on "Missions" online and they are generally too long, too expensive and too NOT Spirit Baptism oriented.




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New Global Strategy

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