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Aug 13, 2008

APOSTLE TALK - Future News Now!
with Prince Handley

Prince Handley


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The devil does NOT want you to listen to this podcast. Print at least two (2) copies of these Show Notes and place one copy with your important papers so that you will always have it available. If you don’t need it now, you will some day. This teaching will protect you and your future ministry!


How to take ACTION so you can do the things you most want to do in life: the things God has called you to do! How to fulfill your destiny with excellence!



There was a movie several years ago titled, Stuck On You, which starred Matt Damon and Cher. It was about two brothers who were Siamese twins. Finally, the brothers realized they needed to be separated (physically by surgery) in order to do what each brother wanted to fulfill in his lifetime.

They reached this decision when one brother asked the other, "What is that thing you want to do MOST in the world?" And then he challenged his brother with this admonition: "You have to do it!"

Let me recommend eight (8) steps to take in order to help get you out of your desensitized spirituality and into the vortex of God's anointing:

1.  As much as possible, stop all activity for a while, even ministry.

2.  Get loose, relax, and enjoy God. NOTE: Many times you will be tempted to start a new ministry or outreach right away (while relaxing in your time of rest). That would be like shooting yourself in the foot while you're walking to the hospital. If God has given you NEW ideas or directives, take skeletal notes (or even copious notes if you feel the necessity). Then store the notes for the future time of implementing the project(s). You will find that, as you're relaxing in the sunshine of God's love, an abundance of ideas will come to you.


3.  Take time to dream. At The University of Excellence, of which I am President and Regent, we discuss the fact that Albert Einstein, perhaps the greatest mathematician and physicist of the last century, had two (2) major assets:

A childlike questioning character (like a four or five-year-old); and,

An intellectual capacity to think beyond.

At the U of E, I ask the students questions like -

How long has it been since you've asked your Heavenly Father some childlike questions?”

What can you do to reach every nation and tribe for Christ?

What is the KEY thing you can do that will impact nations the most?

What are new ways to market the Good News?

What are some secrets of the universe that nobody knows?

Have you asked God what He likes about you the most?

I also ask them, “How long has it been since you” -

Discarded all your ideas about how to minister?

Researched new trends and cultural evolutionary movements?

Asked a lost person how they would reach the world for Christ?

Studied the ants?

Studied seeds, climatology, and weather patterns?

4.  Know who you are. Read through the epistles; learn once again WHO you are in Christ and WHAT you have in Christ. You have to come to the place, once again, where you KNOW the calling and destiny that has been designed for you before the foundation of the world. True holiness, and also true Biblical prosperity, is to KNOW that you're working "hand-in-hand" with God to shake nations for Messiah Jesus.

5.  Meditate. Find the scriptures (rhema) that speak to you concerning your calling and destiny and dwell on them. Speak them to yourself. See yourself doing the things involved with your calling and destiny. Image them upon the screen of your mind. See the places and the activities and then THANK God for their fulfillment. Receive them by faith. SEE, SPEAK, THANK, RECEIVE.


6.  Change your environment (and maybe your friends). This is why God sent his servants into different areas, sometimes as a result of hard-times. It's a lot easier if you do it for yourself, with the leading of the Holy Spirit. Imitational faith (the copying of ministry styles used by others) results not only in lack of creativity, but also inbreeding in the Body of Christ.

Be yourself  and be original! Don't be afraid to be different. Study the lifestyles of God's servants through the centuries (in the Bible, and throughout Christian church history). Study Apostle Handley's book, Militant Church History, Copyright 1998 Handley World Services.

7.  Re-evaluate your goals. Which ones have been accomplished? Are there any goals that you feel you should scrap for now, or permanently? Which ones are not accomplished yet? Why are they not accomplished? Where are you in your time line, or schedule, for their fulfillment?

What action will you take to implement them in a timely fashion? Are there any new goals or projects God wants you to undertake? If so, do they fit into the general scheme of your other goals? Are they completely separate from your other goals?

8.  Make your plans fit into God's plans. The GREATEST ADVICE I can give you concerning your plans is as follows:




Cry out to God and tell Him you want to be used greatly by Him; that you don't want to come home to Heaven until you've fulfilled, with excellence, your calling and your destiny. And remember the words of King Solomon: "He that fears God will come forth of them all."

We are to fear God … NOT men, demons, or anything else. The enemy knows if he can get you to fear anyone or anything other than God, he can cancel your fear of God and thereby void the operation of wisdom in your life (at least temporarily until you become aware of what’s happening).

You have to shut off the ideas of fear and replace them with IDEAS OF FAITH. Use visual thoughts when you have thoughts of concern. You will eliminate most of Satan’s attacks on your mind. You will also destroy Satanic activity in its tracks! When you have thoughts of fear, replace them with VISUAL THOUGHTS. So when you have thoughts of fear - about  your family, your possessions, your relationships, your ministry, your health - replace them with VISUAL THOUGHTS. See the Holy Angels ministering to, blessing and guarding your family, your possessions, your health, and your ministry.

By visualizing your thoughts, you can even add emphasis (power and potency) to them by decreeing them. Use the Holy Angels in your thoughts. See them helping you. See the BLOOD of Christ over everything God has given you by birth, adoption, and assignment.



If we turn back God cannot fight for us. Why? Because, when we turn our back, we are disobeying our leading and our Leader. We are not taking ACTION.

We will not see MIRACLES unless through ACTION we put ourselves in a position in which God can work for us. God works in the area of the impossible. What is impossible with men is possible with God.

You may not need direction. You may just need to go forward = ACTION.


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