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Oct 2, 2019



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This podcast teaching is a true account of how God used Billboards for Jesus to reach multitudes for the LORD, and how the Holy Spirit provided MIRACLES for the construction. From a man who owned liquor stores, to a beauty salon owner who had a vision of a Billboard for Jesus, to a truck driver with the right angle on the back of his tanker―all of these MIRACLES the Holy Spirit provided. This podcast teaching will encourage YOU that when God gives you an IDEA … step out … implement. And when you hit obstacles along the way―which you surely will … the more anointed the idea is―God will provide the MIRACLES you need!





I want to talk to you today about “Miracles for Construction.” Several years ago the Lord gave me an idea to design FREE plans and instructions for people who wanted to build Billboards for Jesus. Actually, the brochure that we printed anouncing this service was titled Billboards for Jesus. We had several different designs from which people could choose.

I reported on this in another podcast previously. People could decide whether they wanted to build a Mini Billboard (feet by five feet) or a Maxi Billboard (eight feet by 24 feet) and some other sizes in between. We would provide them with designs which were certified by a Registered Public Engineer and supply them with easy how-to-do-it instructions with material lists. One retired US Air Force Colonel in the Northeast part of the United States put up five billboards himself. Miracles attended these billboards because
of coursethe word of God was on them.

We let the people choose their own message, but we gave him some suggestions as to what to put on the billboards. During this time when we were doing the Billboards for Jesus, I was teaching at a graduate School of Theology. I would allow people to come into our class and audit the classes; or just visit from time to time. The father of one of my students in the graduate seminary owned several liquor stores. The student's father was not a Christian, but he loved to come and listen to the teaching with the Word of God … and also SEE the MIRACLES that happened in class.

We had many REAL MIRACLES happen in our classes as a result of the Holy Spirit working with the Word of God that I taught. The individual that owned the liquor stores happened to own some land in Lake Isabella, California. He gave us permission to use this land to put up a billboard for Messiah Jesus.

We gathered some volunteers together, and following the plans that we had designed, built a large Maxi Billboard. We had six different sections and the billboard was 24 feet long. It had a good Gospel message. We finished all the framing and the painting offsite in sections. But we didn't assemble the six sections until we drove the trucks up to the area where we would be installing it. It was quite a distance away.

When we arrived at the location, we realized
we did NOT have access to that land. We would need to go through a neighbor's adjoining property. So I felt impressed to go to the property owner to the left. It was a beauty shopa beauty salon. The lady who owned the beauty salon also lived on that property and she told us an amazing thing.

She said, “I had a vision of a billboard for Jesus going up on that property.” And she said, “Yes, certainly you can use my land and you can hook up to my electrical power.” That was another thing. We needed electrical power … and had NOT planned on that. So we spent a great part of one dayinto the second dayand drilled between four and six giant holes in the earth to support the beams for the billboard.

We connected the six sections together. Then we put large concrete blocks in the bottom of the holes. Now the blocks were square and the holes were round. After we finished assembling the six sections of the billboard with the support beams on it, we realized that if we dropped the billboard into the holes―if it did not hit these square blocksthe sign would have been crooked and we would have no way to pull it back up.

Our next big problem was that we didn't have any way to lift that billboard up ... to place it in the holes. It was so heavy. It was so strong and so heavy we couldn't lift itwe couldn't get it up to a near vertical positionwhere it would slide into the holes for the support beams. We were praying and thinking about what we were going to do. Here's an amazing truth: Plan as you cancoordinate the logistics as you canbut when you get to where you can't go any further, God will give you wisdom and provide your MIRACLE if you ask Him. Some people waste so much time trying to refine right from the start that they never get anything accomplished. If you know God has told you to do something, move out with what God has given you to do … and when you need it, it will be there. Exercise faith ... move in faith.

While we were praying about how to get this billboard vertical so we could place it in the holes we had drilled, I saw an Arco tanker truck driving across the property around to the right side of the property. The fuel tanker truck had a slanted surface on the back side. It was slanted, approximately 60 degrees. In my mind, I thought, what if we could get the billboard high enough to place the top of the billboard onto the bottom of the tanker so the truck could back up and slide the billboard up, then we could drop the sign into the holes. (Using the truck's backside as an inclined plane.) Well, it was going to take a miracle for the driver of the truck to agree to do such a thing, especially with the legal implications, and so forth.

But he said, “Yes, I'll be glad to do that.” We explained to him it was for the Lord Jesus, the Messiah of Israel, and it was going to advertise the Word of God. The driver wanted to be blessed. He brought the tanker truck into position and backed it up. We had enough manpower and equipment there to get the top of the billboard lifted up to where it would slide on the back of the tanker truck. And as he backed the truck up, the sign began to lift up vertically … and all of a sudden the sign with the support beams fell exactly into the holes where they should be.

From a man who owned liquor stores, to a beauty salon owner who had a vision of a
Billboard for Jesus, to a truck driver with the right angle on the back of his tanker―all of these MIRACLES the Holy Spirit provided to enable the construction of a billboard carrying a message of Good News. That sign reached multiplied thousands of people for many years.

I hope this message has helped you and encouraged you to
advertise the Word of God. Love people, and let the Healing Power of Messiah Jesus flow through you to touch lives … where you're at … and around the world.

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

Your friend,
Prince Handley

Podcast time: 9 minutes, 57 seconds.

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