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Apr 20, 2009

APOSTLE TALK  -  Future News Now!
with Prince Handley


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A three-fold prophecy of things that will happen before the last great harvest of God. Concerns Messianic Rabbis and Pastors … and unknown Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, and Teachers. What Rabbis and Pastors must do to be used in this harvest.


About the time of the six-day war in 1967 I started fasting and praying for God to use me in reaching every nation, tribe, language and dialect of the world. Then, a few years later, I began challenging people (especially young people) to have a vision of reaching the nations for the Messiah, Yeshua. Many young people the Lord had me lay hands on and prophesy to were thrust out into great ministries.

There is lots of teaching today about destiny. And rightfully so, because for many years God’s people, except for those called to full time service for the LORD, relegated their purpose to serving locally in their synagogue or church. Intercession and giving to the work of the LORD were the two main areas of outreach for most of God’s people.

With the advent of the charismatic movement in the late 1960s, resulting in many people being used by the Holy Spirit to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, God’s people began to enjoy a new realm of purpose, excitement, and joy. I remember a seminar I held in Akron, Ohio, USA, and the next week several people were arrested for preaching in the local mall.

In the 1970s I traveled to many places prophesying that God was going to raise up Holy Spirit baptized African-Americans in places of leadership and government. That started coming to pass greatly in the 1990s. It still is evolving in every great arena of society: government, military, education, politics, church and cutting-edge non-orthodox ministry to the nations.


There are three (3) things that will evolve in coordination to bring about the great last harvest of God in the earth:

1. Messianic Rabbis, Pastors and Christian leaders, at times, must defer to Ruach ha Chodesh (the Holy Spirit) during synagogue services, yeshivah classes, or other meetings. They must be willing to surrender to the Spirit and identify someone in the assembly (not just someone they know . . . but someone the Spirit knows and has instructed them concerning) and request that they bring the message to the people. These pastors will walk closely with the Spirit and KNOW when . . . at what times, even without previous notice . . . this is to be.

Those whose personalities and egos will not allow them to do this will be left out of the GREAT move of God in the great last harvest.

NOTE: This has to be in order for a FULL lateral (or, cross section) move in the Body of Messiah. There can be NO schisms or predispositions of favor based upon denominational, non-denominational, or sectarian associations.

There will be local awakenings lasting for as long as 15 months and many will be thrust into the harvest field for the Master. Many Jews and middle-eastern people will move to a vital relationship with the Messiah and will operate in a sign-gifted ministry to their communities.

2. Non-orthodox and unknown teachers will be raised by the Spirit to instruct and prepare the result of the harvest. These will be people, many of whom the Lord has prepared for decades, whose DESIRE is to learn from the Word of God so that others may be vital, productive, and implement God’s PURPOSE on Planet Earth. They will be instruments of God to bring growth, fulfillment, and to produce spiritual offspring in the Body of Messiah. They will be used by the Holy Spirit , Ruach Elohim, to produce disciples of love, power, and holiness . . . disciples who truly manifest divine destiny of purpose evidenced by the multiplication of new BELIEVERS in Messiah and new GROUPS of believers.

3. There will be apostles, many largely unknown to the mainstream of the Body of Messiah, who will have GREAT FAVOR with leaders of nations, commerce, and ethnic religious groups that will be asked to come to them and tell them about Jesus, Yeshua, and His MIRACLE power. There will be many real miracles manifest in the presence of these leaders. Many Jewish and Islamic groups will be visited by the Spirit as a result of the meetings with the chosen apostles ... and sometimes before the meetings. At times, the leaders of these representative groups will be visited by the LORD in dreams, visions, or in person, to prepare the way for the apostles.

Speak this prophecy to the goyim (the nations) and Ha Eretz in your intercession!

Your friend,
Prince Handley

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