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Mar 3, 2007

APOSTLE TALK - Future News Now!
with Prince Handley

Prince Handley




How to receive the fifth pair of Power Twins for success and vision, Organic Spiritual Endeavor PLUS Patience, and how to use this Power Twin to enable us to share our success with others. Also, how to be involved in a work that is propagating living, continuous development of the Kingdom of God.



In the previous two teachings we discussed the FIRST FOUR TWINS for success and continued vision:

        Enthusiastic Desire PLUS Faith;

        Decisive Nature PLUS Virtue;

        Specialized Knowledge PLUS Spiritual Knowledge; and,

        Quest for Excellence PLUS Temperance.

In this newsletter we will discuss the fifth twin:

        Organic Spiritual Endeavor PLUS Patience

The remaining twins for success and continued vision will be discussed in subsequent newsletters.


To be really successful we need to share our success with others: our family, our brothers and sisters in Christ, our community, the world . . . and Heaven. We need to have TOTAL success in life: in this life on earth and in the eternal beyond; and God has provided just such means to attain that goal. God has given us EVERYTHING WE NEED for:

         LIFE, and


"According as His divine power has given unto us ALL THINGS that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him that has called us to glory and virtue." [2 Peter 1:3]

He has given us PROMISES so that we can share or partner with Him in His divine expansion - or growth of descendants - after we have escaped, by His saving grace, the ruin that is in the world through lust. In other words, after we are born again and start serving Christ, we can partner and be a companion with God in successfully bearing fruit: that is, growing other seed-descendants. These include our own children who are born again while also reaching out to the rest of the world.

"Whereby are given to us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these you might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust." [2 Peter 1:4]

Now . . . how do we use the precepts we have learned in the previous two newsletters so as to be involved in ORGANIC SPIRITUAL ENDEAVOR? In other words, how can we involve ourselves in powerful, prolonged, and productive effort that will be self multiplying and profitable, not only temporally here on Planet Earth but also eternally in Heaven?

The answer: be actively engaged in organic ministry growth! Be involved in a work that is propagating living, continuous development of the Kingdom of God.

The definition of the word propagate is "to breed by natural (or supernatural) processes from a parent origin; to promote an idea or knowledge widely; to transmit in a particular direction."

My purpose in this section is to tell you the SPECIFICS of how to accomplish this.

There are around 60,000 people groups on Planet Earth, with Christians in most regions of the earth. With the expansion of global trade, internet access, and communications, many - if not most - of these groups understand and view themselves as one worldwide church in an interconnected world. To be involved in Kingdom Work is to be involved with the heart and purpose of God. It is to be involved LOCALLY and GLOBALLY . . . and both TEMPORALLY and ETERNALLY.

The earth is getting smaller with regard to travel, communications, and interfacing of cultures. At the same time the church is becoming more intertribal. We see the horizon of the fulfillment of Jesus' prophecy that the Good News will be preached, proclaimed, or published before the time of His return.

"And the gospel must first be published [preached] among all nations." [Mark 13:10]

The word for nations here used is "ethnos" - as in ethnic group - meaning "a race of the same habit, or culture, or tribe."

Read and study the Biblical pattern of church growth in the Book of Acts. Certain things are evidentiary and these same patterns are manifest in any POWER GROWTH church today.

1. When people believed in Jesus, and after they were baptized, a group was formed for:




        Helps; and,


2. Prophets and teachers were raised up by the Holy Spirit.

3. The Christians prayed and fasted.

4. The Holy Spirit called out apostles.

5. These apostles were sent out (NOT "released") by the believers after hands were laid on them.

6. As the apostles went to different areas they preached the Good News.

7. Other churches were raised up as a result of the preaching and the work of the apostles.

8. The churches grew and ministered to the believers, the community, and the world.

Notice, this is the NORMAL PATTERN of church growth. This is to be expected today! It should be a regular practice of a local church to SEND OUT workers: both for long term commitment and for short term service.

Notice, in Acts 13:1-4, it was the Holy Spirit who CALLED the apostles (verse 2) and it was the Holy Spirit who SENT them (verse 4). In between the calling and the sending was the ratification by the elders with the laying on of hands (verse 3). The apostles were NOT “released by men? . . . it was the Holy Spirit who called and sent them.


It is not enough just to see new churches being raised up. This is where many POWER CHURCHES become deceived into complacency and become spiritually diffused. There are two (2) main causes for this effect:

1. They see many new churches being raised up, but begin to lack clarity or conciseness of mission or vision. Over time they become spread out and increased in numbers but diffused in power. Sometimes this is because of pride, or due to comparing themselves with other regional churches. Sometimes it is because of lack of sacrifice they were willing to render at their outset.

2. They do NOT bring NEW POWERFUL LIFE back into their parent body.

This can be prevented and offset by sending out short term mission groups for a period of three to six weeks. These groups may go to a nearby region or they may go far away overseas to another country. They may combine evangelism, medical, and help ministries. They may go to un evangelized territories, or they may go to assist those who have previously been sent out by the parent church; or they may go assist missionaries and Christian workers from other church groups.

This will result in a TRIPLE blessing: 1. It will inject LIFE back into the parent church when they return from their short term ministry and share their testimonies; 2. it will also inject LIFE into the area where they are sent; and, 3. it will inject LIFE into the ones sent, influencing their future discipleship for the Lord.


It is of great spiritual detriment for the new churches - or individuals - being raised up to feel, or be instructed, that they are UNDER THE COVERING of the parent church.

1. They may be accountable to the parent church, or other bodies, but their covering is CHRIST AND HIS BLOOD ... NOT men or the church! To teach otherwise is to cause them to lean on men and not the Lord, and to become disciples of men and not Christ! This is one of Satan's tricks to quench TRUE evangelistic and prophetic ministry, and to lure them into a false sense of safety or covering.

2. This teaching will usually be prevalent where potential candidates for ministry or the mission field are taught that they are not ready to be "released" from the parent body. To be "released" is implying that they are being held in "bondage." "Who the Son sets FREE is free indeed . . . absolutely!" [John 8:36] They may not be ready to be sent out, but they surely should not be held in bondage, nor have that thought implied.

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!"
[2 Corinthians 3:17]

Be part of an organic church growth . . . or organic ministry growth. Not indirectly . . . but DIRECTLY. It is often said, "If you can't go in person, then go by your prayers . . . or go with your money." Surely we can share by any of the three means: going, praying, and giving. But be involved in ALL THREE. Now, if you are elderly, or constrained in some way that you can't go yourself, the Lord understands. But be involved as much as you can: for your sake, for your church and ministry's sake, and for the sake of those to whom you could or should be ministering.

If you are very busy in your business, ministry, or family life, try to set aside vacation time to go on a ministry trip overseas or to some area in great need. If you are in a geographic area where there are no power churches or ministries, then pray for the Lord's direction. He may want you to START such a ministry. There are lots of good ministry groups who need help. You can contact them on the internet.

If you can, let your family be involved with you. Young children should not go to some areas because of sanitation, dehydration, and other risks. There is a great need in many countries for water and for wells to be drilled. There is a big need in many areas for other helps such as medical missions. Whatever you do, combine it with preaching the Good News. Some groups do lots of social work but never share the Gospel. Others do lots of evangelism but never help meet needs of the local people. Do both!

Be involved in ministry that is sending out the workers, birthing or planting new churches, preaching and teaching to facilitate the MIRACLE working power of God. You may be a business person that God has anointed to help reach the world for Christ; but minister personally, as well as trough your business. It will keep you creative, and help you to be even more successful while maintaining continued vision. The anointing will keep you vibrant! Jesus sent out his followers -- and He is sending YOU out -- to:

        Preach and teach;

        Heal the sick;

        Cast out demons.

This threefold ministry, or triangulation of mission, will empower you and your ministry; it will keep you FRESH under the anointing of the Spirit so that you will SEE and EXPERIENCE MIRACLES ... real miracles for the glory of God. You will be continuously creative, causing you to be more successful and to have continued vision! These things began Jesus both to DO and to TEACH . . . and these things He would have us to DO and to TEACH! [Acts 1:1]

Most of the people reading this newsletter are already in ministry or thinking and praying about it. My advice to you is this: "Go big or stay at home!" In other words, don't make ministry a hobby or an avocation. Your whole life should center around God's will for you. Or rather, your whole life should be in the CENTER of God's will. If not, start praying to that end.

We should always be willing to make changes for the Lord; that is part of discipleship. However; there are times we have to wait . . . because God is developing things or situations where we are going to be sent . . . or because He is developing things in our lives . . . or both!

Patience is really cheerful, or hopeful, endurance. True biblical patience, as expressed by the Greek word "hupomone" is constancy. It is the kind of enduring patience, or patient continuance in well doing. It is knowing the will of God for this season of your life, and looking forward to being used by God in SPECIAL SERVICE in the future, also!

To learn more about being used in SPECIAL SERVICE for God, study The Apostles Newsletter titled "The Power of a Separated Life" dated February 14, 2004. Login to The Apostles Group and go to the Archives. If you are NOT a member, email to (Type "SUBSCRIBE" in the "Subject" line.)

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