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Aug 7, 2019



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In this podcast teaching I will discuss MIRACLES of direction and provision―direction from an “X” on a map to direction inside a closed entrance of a hospital. Also, about walking with God ... actually, about hitchhiking with God. Listen and learn HOW God provides direction, healing and provision!




I want to talk to you today about MIRACLES of direction and provision
direction from an “X” on a map to direction in a closed area of a hospital. Also, about walking with God ... actually, about hitchhiking with God.

I had just finished a period of graduate studies in eschatology in a school in the Eastern part of the United States, and I was praying and asking God where to go.
I had nowhere to go, and I actually had no money. I don't think I even had maybe a dollar ... if I had that. So after I had prayed that morning and I asked God, "Show me where to go." I went to the Post Office box on campus to pick up my mail and there was a letter. And when I opened up that letter from my post office box, there was a map in there -- or part of a map -- and it had been cut out in a circle with pinking shears, the kind of scissors used to cut fabric.

And that map was a state or county area of Alabama in the United States and the map was about 10 inches wide.
And in that map a line -- a black line had been drawn -- and then an "X" and a red circle looking like a crayon, a red crayon, had circled that "X" ... and I knew exactly where that place was; and I said, "God, I asked you to show me where you wanted me to go. This is such a sign I can't deny it. The only problem is I don't have any money." Well, within about an hour, nobody knowing this, I received money from two different sources in cash. If I remember correctly, that money came from fellow students at the school.

So it was enough money to ride the bus halfway from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to the location marked “X” on the map, in the State of Alabama. I forget how I traveled the other half of the way. I had been to that area one time before, and held a revival meeting there. And during that revival
a man had shot his wife four times on a country road, kicked her out of the truck they were riding in, and left her in a ditch beside the road. I was told about it, and immediately after the evening service, I went to the hospital to see if I could get in to visit and pray for the lady who I heard had been shot by her husband.

There was no way I could get into the hospital. Crowds of people were out in front and
nobody was allowed in. I assume maybe a doctor could have gotten in. But I remembered how Jesus just walked through a crowd one time. So I just started to walk – carrying my Bible – walked right in there, walked right in the hospital, walked right into the intensive care ward where the lady was, without directions … and without anyone guiding me. I didn't even know what the lady's name was, but I got to pray for her.

Well, during these meetings, every afternoon we hooked up a large loudspeaker and the horn on that loudspeaker must have been 18 inches wide – a foot and a half wide – about a half a meter wide in diameter. And so for hours in the afternoon I would preach something, and then we would play a song and
we blasted the sound at a super high volume. We were about a half a block from the city courthouse and the jail, and the power of God invaded that community.

It was a town called Double Springs, Alabama. Well, that next day after I had prayed for the lady in the hospital, I went to the jail to visit her husband who had shot her. God had spared her life, after being shot shot four times. And in the jail, I was allowed to visit the man who had shot his wife, and then kicked her out of the truck, leaving her to die in the ditch. I never heard somebody yell so loudly in my life.
The man cried out begging God to forgive him. He repented and gave his life to Messiah Jesus.

What I did NOT tell you was that when I had been in that city and state before, I did NOT finish the work that the LORD wanted me to finish.
One little boy had been saved and during this second visit I baptized him in the Sipsey River. And if I remember correctly, that little boy was the son of the lady who had been shot.

And I went to their home, the lady, the husband, and the little boy, were all serving God. Praise God's Holy Name. Baruch haShem. Well, when I left that area, I had no money and I was hitchhiking on my way up to Pennsylvania from Double Springs, Alabama. It was getting rather cool in the evening and I only had a jacket with a shirt on underneath that jacket. The last person who gave me a ride in that late afternoon let me out on a little two lane highway. And I said,
"God, I don't even know where I'm at, and there's nobody here to even pick me up to take me where I need to go.” I didn't know … I was probably 600 miles -- or 12 hours -- from where I needed to be; and I start complaining to God ... and then all of a sudden I realized, "Well, praise God ... God knows how to take care of me. I will just trust Him like I have been doing!"

I thought,
"God has taken care of me in the past. He can do it again." And when I started praising God, I just felt impressed to turn around. I was beside a hill that went down from the highway and I looked down that hill -- and even though it was bright green grass as it is in Alabama, lots of green grass -- I saw another clump of green stuff. And I went down the hill to look ... and surely enough there was a handful of money. I said, "Praise God, Heavenly Father, you let me out in the perfect spot.” It was enough money to buy some food and rent a motel. God is so good. That's what I'm talking to you about. Walking with God ... hitchhiking with God. I don't care if you're flying with God; whatever you're doing, God will show you and lead you and guide you IF you listen to Him ... IF you obey Him!

So, my friend, it doesn't matter WHERE YOU'RE AT or WHAT SITUATION YOU'RE IN, God will take care of YOU. He loves you. God isn't some big ogre in heaven waiting to hit you with a big stick; and neither is he some old gray-haired man sitting in a rocking chair.
God is eternally young and he's with it. You can never con God. In the Bible. He tells us, "I will lead you and guide you with my eye upon you, just like a horse with a bridle in his mouth, I will guide you." And God tells us that he will even guide us to our old age when our hair is gray and white. Your Father in Heaven even knows when a sparrow drops to the ground dead. He knows every detail about your life. He made you. He made this whole universe ... so you trust Him today. Pray, and ask God to show you what he wants you to do … and then obey Him.

And if you don't have the facilities or the means or the logistics to carry out what God is telling you to do, then ask God to give you what you need to carry out his plans. But move ahead. Take the first step,and "GO." And when you go in faith, the MIRACLES will begin to happen.

I trust this teaching will help you to know how to walk, to hitchhike, to ride, to fly, to transport in space -- whatever you do, whatever your thing is -- HOW to go with God. He loves you! And my friend, let God talk through you. Tell your friends ... even your enemies ... about the wonderful Messiah of Israel: Jesus the Anointed One -- the Son of God who died in YOUR place, to pay for all of your sins!

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

Your friend,
Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

Podcast time: 7 minutes, 42 seconds.

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