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Aug 24, 2019



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In this podcast teaching I will discuss MIRACLES that happened as a result of an IDEA God gave me when I invited KEY associates to give me advice and help share in a project. You will learn the importance of enlisting KEY associates in your work for the LORD … and also how MIRACLES are resident in and upon IDEAS from God.





I want to talk to you today about "Ideas, Miracles and Associates." In the Tanakh (the Hebrew Scriptures), the Bible tells us in Proverbs 13:20 "He who walks with wise men shall be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed." If you want to improve your intellect, your acumen, the interaction of your intelligence, plus augment your intellectual abilities ... then choose out WISE associates.

I pray for myself and my children (to the 4th Generation) every day that God will give us His choice of associates. My friend, you should want only God's choice of associates for you. That doesn't mean you don't love other people. That doesn't mean you don't interact with people other than your close associates
those that are your KEY associatesbut you want your KEY associates to be God's choice for you. Years ago, when I first started a nonprofit corporation, I prayed that God would lead me in the selection of Directors.

I had several Directors through the years, and every one of them was a Godly person. However, I remember three in particular. One was named Ed Lindquist. He had been associated with a large advertising agency in Detroit (USA), and they did lots of advertising for Ford Motor Company. Ed Lindquist is Co-Founder of
EXPAT Marketing Group centered in Ecuador.

Another of my Associates was Al Hagen, who was Director of Marketing and Advertising for Toyota in the United States. I held Bible studies in Al Hagen's home, as well as our friend Hiroshi Imai. One time while teaching in Hiroshi's home
I asked him privately to remove the Buddha idol in his living room, as it would be offensive to God. He obeyed, and God manifested His healing power. A lady with a tumor on her wrist the size of a golf ball was sitting on the stairway leading to the second floor (the house was filled with so many people). The LORD Jesus healed her and instantly the tumor dissolved. After Mr. Imai had seen the MIRACLE working power of God, the next day he went out to the garage where he had taken the Buddha idol to destroy it. When he destroyed the Buddha idol with a hammer, he heard the voices of demons crying out.

Another of my Directors was Magdi Girgis, (Mike Girgis)
my close Egyptian friendwhose father was one of the third wealthiest men in Egypt. His father had more political power than Gamal Abdel Nasser did when he was President of Egypt. My friend Magdi had to be smuggled out of Egypt because he became a Christian and they had him on the blacklist for "trying to Christianize the nation." He finally paid some Druze to transport him through Syria ... and finally he was able to obtain citizenship in USA.

Magdy Girgis was educated and was an engineer, but he couldn't get a job in USA because he had never worked. He had no work experience. He was wealthy. His family had a stable of 18 automobiles at their home, and his father was third wealthiest man in Egypt. The first job Magdy Girgis worked in USA was cleaning out restrooms in gasoline (petrol) stations. But ultimately he finally got work and became an engineer with Hughes Aircraft. These three Directors were KEY asociates to me. We didn't spend a lot of time together, but the time we spent was very critical and crucial.

Ed Linquist gave a large contribution to our corporation; however, I gave it back to him and I told him,
"Ed, for some reason God wants me to give this money back to you." It's important to obey the Holy Spirit. Money isn't everything. The whole world is not about money. The whole world is about God. "You cannot serve God and mammon (money)." That scripture informs us to put God first. There's nothing evil with money just like there's nothing evil with television. It's what you do with it that's important. The Bible never says money is evil. It says, “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”

So I listened to God and gave that money back to Ed Lindquist, and he used it to start his own corporation which was very successful with the LORD's blessing. You see, the money was NOT for the corporation of which I was President (and still am). We need to be sensitive.
We need to discern the will of God in matters. We need to also discern what God wants us to receive and what God does NOT want us to receive. Every day, I ask God to give me discernment over people, things and situations.

You need discernment, my friend, because
IF you are a Believer in Messiah Jesus, YOU are “in the world, but not of it.” If you know the LORD, if you've received Yeshua as your Messiahbeen born again (the Spirit of God lives in you)you are in the world, but NOT of the world (John 17:6-16). So you need God's discernment. You need the discernment of the Holy Spirit!

I had felt led to start a non-profit corporation as a result of a vision I had while I was preaching in the open air one time. It was not an ocular vision, but a mental vision. I had such a great anointing on me (probably been fasting). While I was preaching my heart was crying out to God. I was reaching multitudes
reaching thousands just that dayministering in the open air. But my heart was crying out. “Lord, how can I reach the whole world?” God spoke to me while I was preaching to those crowds. God answered me, “Through the media.”

So I started a corporation named Ruach Advertising. Ruach in Hebrew means “spirit.” I had different ideas … plus the LORD gave me different ideas. Remember, in the last two podcasts we talked about
being a good steward of ideas. We talked also about IDEAS and MIRACLES. In this podcast teaching we're talking about IDEAS and ASSOCIATES.

One time I had an idea concerning
“Billboards for Jesus.” That IDEA pertained to supplying people with blueprints and building instructions for putting up their own billboards. The Lord gave me this idea, but I didn't really know how to implement it, so I called together a group of men. Mike Girgis came together with several other men and several engineers from Hughes Aircraft. One of the men at Hughes Aircraft in the engineering department was also a cartoonist.

I shared my idea with them. We met only for about an hour; but at the close of the meeting each man had a different assignment to do. We met again in two weeks, and it was fantastic what these men put together. As a result, I now had seven different plans for “Do-it-yourself” billboards, and these were all engineered for safety.

I contacted another Spirit-filled engineer who was head of the Placentia, California Planning Department; he was a Civil Engineer.
He approved these plans and put his stamp of approval on them and certified them. They were all safe and sound. And so we had a “Mini Plan” … a “Maxi Plan” … and several sizes in between. People could choose which plans they wanted to use, and these plans were a success. The cartoonist had put together a brochure describing the plans, and how people could reach multitudes for Christ in their own community with the billboards.

It was a tremendous brochure: a beautiful brochure of each model plan with the sizes and so forth. Also, the cartoonist did lots of good artwork in between model plans on each of the pages. I remember a retired Lieutenant Colonel US Air Force Officer received one of the brochures in the state of Maine (in New England), and
he financed five billboards for the Lord in his own area.

These billboards were a great success. After a short period of time I received a communication from a Hispanic Pastor in downtown Los Angeles who pastored a church at
a critical junction of TWO freeways: the Harbor Freeway and the Santa Monica Freeway. These two freeways join right in the KEY hub of the downtown L.A. Metroplex. He wanted to put up a billboard there on top of the church roof!

So I went to meet with him. As a resultof that meeting I had special plans drawn up for this billboard. Now this sign required a
special light 24 feet long (about eight meters long) to enable the billboard to be lighted at night. I found only one place that had a light this size that I could utilize for this particular design. It was a company in the State of Utah, in the Western part of the United States. So I ordered the sign. I don't remember if I made a down payment or deposit, but the sign was very expensive. I did NOT have the money. The day the payment was due for the signnobody knew that I owed this moneythe money came in to either the penny or the dollar to pay the total amount for this sign. We had the light shipped to Los Angeles where we would be constructing the sign. The sign was ready to be built on top of the Church.

So the sign was ready to go on top of this big giant billboard in downtown Los Angeles.
But I had to get the plans approved by the city (after already spending the money for the sign and the light). One of my friends, Wally Hage (I conducted a Bible study in his home), held a very high position at Pacific Telephone Corporation in USA. He went with me to the Planning Commission in Los Angeles just to “tag along” and see what MIRACLES the LORD would do!

So my friend Wally Hage from Pacific Bell Telephone went with me to the Planning Commission in Los Angeles. I think we were on the third floor or fifth floor, I don't remember. And the Planning Engineer looks at our plans and says,
“You can't do this.” I already had a lot of time and expense in the project. He said, “These plans violate Los Angeles Building Codes and Planning Laws five different ways.” First of all, on a sign at that location the wording could only have “I.D.” In other words, the identification of the sign, or name of the entiry upon which it was placed. You could NOT just put up any message. The message on this sign for which we were applying for a permit was very plain. It had a Star of David and it said, “Messiah Jesus is God our Salvation.” [Remember, some of the wealthiest Jews in the world at that time passed by this location on their way to Hollywood, Brentwood, and Beverly Hills dailyhardly moving in their automobiles due to backed up traffic at times.]

The sign also violated the city codes because there was an ordinance that specified the sign could not be nearer than so many feet to the freeway
. Our sign was just “hugging” right up against the freeway and overhead. Also because of the lighting AND the size of the sign, there was also a zoning restriction against it (they were trying NOT to get too many signs in that particular area).

Our sign (the plans) violated FIVE (5) city planning and building codes
. This is where I learned, Never take 'NO' for an answer!” So the Planning Engineer told me, “You cannot do this. It violates the Codes and the Covenants five different ways.” I just looked at him. My friend Wally Hagy, the executive from Pacific Bell, was standing beside me. He learned a great lesson that day. He was just kind of tagging along with me; he liked to travel around with me. I just stared at the Planning Engineer behind the counter at the Zoning Commission. I didn't say anything.

I just looked at him. I didn't say one word. I don't know how much time went by. Finally, the Planning Engineer said,
“Let me go upstairs and check with someone.” I don't know how long it was: 20 minutes or 30 minutes. The Planning Engineer finally came back down ... and he said, “It's all approved.”

Praise God! I want to tell you, my friend Wally Hage almost had a heart attack right there. He told me later,
“I have never seen not only such a miracle, but such a series of miracles in so short a time.” He said, “This was an impossibility. Five different ways!”

My friend,
God is the God of the IMpossible. In Jeremiah Chapter 32 27 in the Tanakh we read, “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Nothing is too hard for me.” So my friend ... never take “NO” for an answer IF you are serving the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

So the billboard went up …
and that billboard for several years reached multiplied millions of people. Tens of thousands every day and multiplied millions of people through the years, day and night. What I didn't tell you was, at that particular place where this billboard was … in key traffic timenot only morning, but evening and even throughout the middle part of the daytraffic would just creep around―foot by footaround this sign because there was a 'traffic bottleneck' there.

People would SEE this sign with the
Star of David that said, “Messiah Jesus is God our Salvation.” And as I mentioned previously, this was a particular area where some of the wealthiest Jews in the world had to travel by every day. This was the main thoroughfare from downtown Los Angeles as it turned off going out to Westwood, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and Brentwood.

So when God gives you an IDEA, you need to make sure you are a good steward of that IDEA.

~  ~  ~

When God gives you an IDEA, there will be MIRACLES attached to it.

There will be an ANOINTING on that IDEA
resident in
or uponthat idea by the Holy Spirit:

MIRACLES in the implementation of the IDEA …
MIRACLES in the lives of people who receive the message in the IDEA:
Salvation, healing, deliverance, prosperity, success.

~  ~  ~

And when God gives you an IDEA,
if you don't know how to do it, then you need to choose wise companions, KEY associates to help you implement that idea. You see, my friend, we need to have a Spirit of Excellence in everything that we do unto the LORD. I trust this message has helped you!


God promised for you SPECIAL BLESSING if you bless the Jews.
Share HOW to know the Messiah of Israel with God's Chosen People.

I will bless those who bless Israel.”

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

Your friend,
Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

Podcast time: 12 minutes, 53 seconds.


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