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Jan 23, 2007

APOSTLE TALK - Future News Now!
with Prince Handley

Prince Handley



How to conquer and then divide the inheritance by teaching those you lead how you won: teaching them their authority in Christ, so they can conquer and win for the Kingdom, too.


Joshua was Moses’ Chief aide and military leader; he became Israel’s leader after Moses’ death. Joshua led the people across the Jordan and into the promised land.

Seven (7) nations were destroyed in the land. After the conquest of the land by the children of Israel, the land was divided among the tribes of Israel.

There were tremendous MIRACLES in Joshua’s day:

• The crossing of Jordan.

• The fall of Jericho

• The sun standing still.

NOTE: All these miracles had to do with getting God’s people into the land and driving out the enemy! They were involved in God’s plan and purpose to reach the world for Christ! If you're involved in God's PLAN and PURPOSE to reach the world for Christ, God will do GREAT MIRACLES for and through you!

Remember: The KEY to the Old Testament: "A record of a nation designed to bring forth a Man (the Messiah of God)." The KEY of the New Testament is: "A record of a Man (the Messiah of God) designed to bring forth a nation (the people of God)."

"For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil." -- I John 3:8

Your job is the same as Joshua’s. To go into new territory and conquer for the Lord; to destroy the works of the devil; and then to divide the land (inheritance) among God’s people.

You might ask, "How do I divide the land among God’s people?" Here’s your answer, "By teaching them their authority in Christ ... WHO they are in Christ and WHAT they have in Christ ... by teaching them HOW you conquered, and sharing the blessings you have received, so they will know how to conquer: HOW TO WIN!?


Do you have your orders from God like Moses and Joshua? Are you operating in the perfect center of God’s will for your life? If not, PRAY, and ask God to show you His plan for your life. Spend time ALONE with God daily in your prayer closet (a regular place where you can meet with Him). If your plan fits into God’s plan, you will have God’s faith: and God’s faith always works!


If your plan fits into God's plan ...
you will have God's faith ...
and God's faith always works!


Moses led over 3,000,000 people through the wilderness. Multiply the male census (603,550) by 2 (allowing each man a wife) = 1,200,000 and then figure 3 children (minimum) for every family (3 X 600,000 = 1,800,000). Whenever a major problem arose, he prayed and talked to God about it before he took action.

The one time he acted foolishly, when he did not take God’s advice, cost him earthly blessings. He became angry so that he "hit" the rock instead of "speaking" to it. Forty years before, God had told him to "hit"the rock and water would come out for the people to drink.

However, near the end of the wilderness wanderings, when the people were complaining over thirst again, God told him only to SPEAK to the rock and water would come out. Moses became angry and, even though the fault was with the people he was leading, the Bible says: "he spoke UNADVISEDLY with his lips". (He called them a bunch of rebels.) Read Exodus 17:1-7; Numbers 20:1-13; and Psalm 106:32-33.

1. Make sure YOUR PLAN fits into GOD'S PLAN.

2. Seek God's advice and follow it.

3. Teach people their authority in Christ. (Divide the land among God's people.)

If your plan fits into God's plan ...
you will have God's faith ...
and God's faith always works!

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