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Aug 26, 2014


Prince Handley
President / Regent


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I want to talk to you today about “Don't Let the Little Dogs Bother You.” I delivered newspapers at the ages of 11 and 12. I would start collecting from the customers on Thursdays so I could pay my bill on Saturday morning and then buy a hamburger and go to the movies. Usually on the deliveries I would throw the folded newspapers onto the porches from the sidewalk. This was not always possible, so sometimes (especially when I wanted to collect money) I would have to go into the yard. Lots of times these yards were fenced because of mean dogs.

God always protected me. Near the end of my morning route, about sunrise, I had to go to a home where there was a very mean red English Chow. On the corner just before I would arrive at this house, a white Boxer (dog) would meet me and finish the route with me. The boxer kept the Chow from bothering me and hurting me.

The dogs that were the most bothersome were the little dogs. They would snap at my feet and legs and many times grab hold of my trousers with their teeth. However, I learned just to shake them off. I have found through the years that it is the same way in the Christian walk: shake the “little dogs” off. The “little dogs” represent the people who lie or gossip about you. When people lie or gossip about you, just shake them off.

Situations that arise where people gossip or lie about you are usually from either of two sources: a vindictive spirit or a spirit of jealousy. It may even be a loved one who performs such actions. What you have to realize is that the “instrument” – whatever or whomever is the channel through whom the attack flows – is just that: an “instrument.”

A “gossip” – a person who gossips – is defined as “a person who likes talking about other people's private lives in a chiefly derogatory manner.” The Holy Bible also talks about “busybodies,” which in the original Greek means “to meddle, to work all around” and sometimes refers to the “curious arts” or the “works of Satan.” The devil is actually the source of gossip, whether true or false, and merely uses – or works through – the “instrument.”

It is interesting to note that the word “devil” is from the Greek “diabolos” and means “a traducer: one who attacks the reputation of another by slander or libel,” and is synonymous with “backbiter, slanderer, defamer.”

Especially egregious is the action of a Christian, one who claims to know Christ, who talks about another person in a defaming way, working around as a busybody – a gossip – about other people's private lives. So repugnant is this action to the Lord that the Holy Spirit equates it to being a “murderer or a thief or an evildoer.” “But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men's matters.” (Brit Chadashah: 1 Peter 4:15)

A “busybody” includes someone who brings up material from many years past that is either non-relevant to today because of the BLOOD of Christ purging it … or is either false or an exaggeration. A “jealous” person is a person who is “envious of someone else's achievements or advantages.” People are never jealous of you unless you are either doing more than they are or have more than they have (which can include “giftings” of God).

Here is a quote that sums up the picture very nicely: “Criticism, condemnation, and complaint are creatures of the wind. They come and go on the breath of lesser beings and have no power over me.” (Author unknown.)

My friend, remember to shake off the “little dogs.”

If people are jeaous of YOU – especially God's People – it is usually because you have a strong gifting from God and the enemy of your soul is “stirring” them up against you to either discourage YOU or to get you to quit. Remember, it is the devil who is the souce of the opposition and resistance, not the instrument – the people – he is using. Pray for the people.

Below are three (3) resources to help you in your work for God. You can NOT miss with these! This is a great way to confuse your enemies and bless those around you including the nations God will reach through you. Let that IDEA God has given you come to pass then let God anoint it for great works … and then – don't stop with one success – go for repeat success. You can do it in the name of the LORD.





Shake off the little dogs!

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

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