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Oct 16, 2014


 Prince Handley
President / Regent


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Several years ago – in 2007 - I did a podcast on the material contained herein. A prophecy!

We are NOT yet in the vertex of the end times; However, we are in the first stages of the End Times. What to LOOK FOR from religious leaders and from governments and what TO DO in these days in which we live. Just think about these recent attacks against Christians:

Students discriminated against in public schools by administrators and teachers

Catholic nuns & Christian businesses targeted for refusing ObamaCare coverage

Christmas cards and wrappings – and carols – banned for Veterans by Obama VA



When you hear of wars and disturbances, don't be terrified, for these things must happen first, but the end won't come immediately. Then he said to them, Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines, and plagues in various places. There will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven.  [Luke 21:11]

But before all these things, they will lay their hands on you and will persecute you, delivering you up to synagogues and prisons, bringing you before kings and governors for my name's sake.  [Luke 21:12]



Synagogues here used refers to religious houses of worship, which can include churches. In other words, religious (but NOT born-again) so-called Christians persecuting REAL Christians.  A sign to watch for - an End Time KEY - will be the religious establishment persecuting the Body of Messiah. This does not, however, exclude non-believers - other anti-Christian groups - from the persecution, also. The thing to realize is that there will be persecution and arrests done ... "for my name's sake." People will think they are doing God a favor, but maybe the real reason is that they have a form of Godlness, but hate and deny the REAL power tof God


The original word for fearful sights in verse 11 above is from the Greek phobetron, (pronounced fob'-ay-tron) which means terrors. This rare word phobêthra is only used here in the New Testament. It is from phobeô, to frighten, and occurs only in the plural as here.

To scope, or micro focus, on this segment (verses 11 and 12) of a larger range of scripture dealing with the end times (Luke 21) we can see clearly that BEFORE the terrors and great signs from heaven will come a period of time where many of God’s people will be arraigned, detained, or arrested to appear in either synagogues or prisons . . . even before presidents, kings, and rulers of nations for a testimony.

The advance by ISIS Hell-bent on world Islamic domination should NOT be a surprise to anyone who knows that the Quran teaches Muslims to murder Jews and Christians. A quick, but knowledgeable, study of Islam and Its Teachings will show you the foolishness of Islam.

We can see that Christians (at least in the Western world) are NOT at the vertex of the end times yet because of what Jesus taught in verse 12. However, in Islamic countries and in Africa today Christians are being murdered, beheaded, crucified and churches are being burned. One of the Bishops I ordained into the ministry informed me three days ago that only 10 miles from his church and residence a village which is in his mission area was attacked by Muslims: the church was burned and many Christians were killed (with only a few escaped.)

Just this morning I received another request of prayer for Christian missionaries in Qaraqosh where ISIS told children to deny Christ and follow Islam. Every one of the children did NOT deny Yeshua (Jesus) and were murdered by the Muslims.

What should speak to us TODAY, however, is that in the (probably) not too distant future, leaders of nations (maybe both Islamic and Western nations), will have Christians incarcerated. The rise of ISIS terrorism and beheadings is not being addressed accurately in the media. It is an Islamic operation. If a person claims to be a Muslim, then they should read the Quran, which commands that Christians and Jews be murdered.

Right now, in the Western world, governments are imposing fines and also imprisonment on pastors for speaking out against things such as alternative (or, sinful) life styles.

When you read carefully the teachings I recommend at the bottom of this Ezine, you will see that we are in the first stages of the Last Days. However, it is important to recognize “waymarks” along the pathway, and to be prepared.

One of the most extraordinary documents in human history—the Bill of Rights — has come to an end under President Barack Obama. Derived from sacred principles of natural law, the Bill of Rights came to a sudden and catastrophic end when the President signed the National Defense Authorization Act (2012 NDAA Sec. 1021), which grants the U.S. military the “legal” right to conduct secret kidnappings of U.S. Citizens.

Section 1071 outlines the creation of the “Conflict Records Research Center”, where the unconstitutionally obtained information that the NSA has collected is compiled and shared with the Department of Defense.  The information, called in the wording  “captured records,” can be anything from your phone records, emails, browsing history or posts on social media sites.

This is all conducted completely outside the protection of law, with no jury, no trial, no legal representation and not even any requirement that the government produce evidence against the accused. It is a system of outright government tyranny against the American people, and it effectively nullifies the Bill of Rights. 

Just a FEW things to contemplate:

California churches forced by state to provide abortion coverage

Legal demand to obtain copies of pastor's sermons (Houston lesbian mayor)

Systemic persecution of Christians by Muslims not showed by mainstream media

Messiah Jesus, speaking to His disciples in verse 12 concerning their being brought before kings and leaders, was partly referring to the great persecutions they would experience by the Romans in the early church era; however, in the grand scope of end time prophecy He was giving instructions as to what would happen before He returns to establish His Kingdom.  [See Luke 21:5-36]

What this microcosm of scripture shows us in verse 12 . . . “But BEFORE all these things” . . . is that we need to, as my blessed mother used to say, “Make hay while the sun shines!” I admonish you as an elder brother in Messiah Jesus, do whatever the Holy Spirit is leading you to do.

Seize the day!

Get rid of the weights that are holding you back from doing God’s will.

Buy up the time. Take advantage of every IDEA, RESOURCE, and OPPORTUNITY you have to reach people, and the world, for Messiah Jesus!

Satan hates anointed MONEY, anointed PEOPLE, and anointed TIME. Do NOT let people steal YOU, your MONEY, or your TIME. Spend time with God in the Word and prayer . . . listen to what He is telling you. Make the moves you need to on the chess board of life so that the Master may say of you one day: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

Now, let me give you some recommendations. Here are four books to help you know exactly what's going on and HOW to STRATEGIZE and WIN.

Learn the material, teach it to others … share the victory.

Map of the End Times

Flow Chart of Revelation

Prophetical Calendar for Israel and the Nations (2014 thru 2013)

New Global Strategy

The Art of Christian Warfare  <<< The greatest “How To” book on warfare!!! How to deal with ISIS

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

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