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Feb 24, 2009

APOSTLE TALK  -  Future News Now!
with Prince Handley



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How God brings resurrection healing and miracles when you die to the things
or situations about which God is dealing with you. Real life examples.




Jesus taught, “Except a grain of wheat falls into the ground and die, it abides alone: but if it die, it brings forth much fruit.”  (John 12:24)

What is it that God is asking YOU to DIE TO at this point of your life and ministry?

If YOU will DIE to that thing, or to those things, about which God is speaking TO YOU, you will see resurrection!

One time God told me to die to my phone bill.He told me that if He desired for me to call someone and prophesy to them, even to another country, that I should obey … and NOT to worry about the phone bill. I promised God I would do this, and in a few days God, as usual, gave me an opportunity to prove my sincerity!!

While at a restaurant with some people I had just met, I overheard one of them talk about a minister who had been in an automobile wreck a few days before. The man’s wife had died in the accident and the minister was still in a coma. He had been a youth minister at the local church years before and nobody knew how to contact him, except that he was about 2,000 miles away in the Twin Cities area (USA).

A few days later, while I was my bedroom praying on my knees, God spoke to my heart, and said: “Call that minister and prophesy to him.” I thought, “Is this God or the devil?” I also thought, “I don’t even know where he’s at!” But then I had another thought which has enabled me to SEE lots of MIRACLES through the years since: I thought, “At least I could give God the benefit of the doubt … and try!”

As I was getting off my knees to go pray, the Lord spoke to me again, and said, “You received a letter from your mother last week that your aunt was in the hospital. Call her on the telephone and pray for her out loud (aloud) in tongues and I will heal her.” I thought, “I don’t know where she’s at either, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find her as there are only two hospitals in the city where she lives.”


When I called to find the minister it only took me two calls to find the hospital where he was a patient. I was able to call into his room. He was out of the coma; I prophesied to him, read him a Psalm, and then ended the call. Nobody knew about this!

About two days later I was invited to speak on Sunday morning at a large business and professional Sunday School class at the First Baptist Church. One of the leaders of the class, Leon Brooks, was a Messianic Jew. Because the class had been studying “Motivation” he asked me to come speak on “The Gifts of the Holy Spirit.” That next Sunday morning, as I was seated in the class getting ready to speak, I prayed and asked God to open the door for me to share effectively on the gifts.

While sitting there one of the leaders told the people, “Last week a minister who was on staff here several years ago was in an auto wreck; his wife was killed (and I think children) and he is still in a coma, but we don’t know where he’s at.”  Immediately I thought, “There’s my open door!” But I forgot about it when I got up to teach.

While I was teaching on the various gifts of the Spirit, as I came to the “gift of prophecy”, I suddenly remembered about the minister: the one to whom God told me: “Call that minister and prophesy to him.” I related the experience to the people in the large class and, as I wrote on the chalk board, told them: “If you would like to contact him [the minister], he’s in Ramsey Hospital, Room 650, Bed #2, St. Paul, Minnesota.”

When I turned around it was as though the whole large gathering of Baptist business people was going to explode. A few minutes later a lady said: “Fire is going through my body,” and she was miraculously healed. Several were healed that day. The next week I was invited by one of the elder/deacons to come teach at his home. He told me, “We want to see God’s spirit manifest Himself again!”

The night I spoke at the elder/deacon’s home several were baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. The next Sunday 125 people were saved at the First Baptist Church. I had died to my phone bill and God brought resurrection power!

About two or three years later I was ministering to a ladies group in a distant area, and while speaking the Holy Spirit prompted me to tell about the incident described above. I had never mentioned the minister’s name before but the Holy Spirit instructed me: “Tell them the minister’s name.” I said to the women, “The minister’s name is Mark Shore.” After the meeting a lady rushed up to me and said, “You haven’t heard the rest of this story!”

The lady told me, “As a result of the prophecy you gave that minister after he came out of the coma, his mother-in-law was saved and she now travels and speaks to large groups of women internationally.” The lady also told me, “I just heard her speak recently!”

I died to my phone bill and God brought wholeness and resurrection power to a minister and his mother-in-law and then multiplied it around the world!

What is it that God is asking YOU to DIE TO at this point of your life and ministry?

If YOU will DIE to that thing, or to those things, about which God is speaking TO YOU, you will see resurrection!


When I phoned to pray for my aunt I found her at the first hospital I called. My aunt was to have surgery the next day. I did NOT ask her what was wrong with her. I just prayed for her aloud in tongues – in the Spirit – as God had instructed me. I said “Goodbye” and hung up the phone.

Somewhere between six and nine months later I was traveling about 2,500 miles away from home by automobile and was near where my aunt lived. I had NOT seen her in years and decided to visit. I arrived with NO notice, and at that time a lady from another state was visiting; the lady was a distant cousin to her, but not related to me.

This same lady was at the hospital visiting my aunt when I phoned her months before. She told me: “Your aunt had an abdominal cancer the size of a fist and was swelled up. When you prayed in tongues for her she was instantly healed and the swelling reduced immediately. She was healed by the MIRACLE working power of the Holy Spirit and did NOT have to have surgery the next day!”

I died to my phone bill and God brought healing to my aunt!

What is it that God is asking YOU to DIE TO at this point of your life and ministry?

If YOU will DIE to that thing, or to those things, about which God is speaking TO YOU, you will see resurrection power come forth and then multiply around the world!!!

It’s up to you … the ball is in your court.

What is God asking YOU to DIE TO? Is it that power play in your family or at the office, is it your impatience or your ego, OR is it that interpersonal relationship at your synagogue, your church or your ministry? What is it about which the Lord is … or has been … dealing with you? Is it a person or thing? God will never deny you anything … or anyone … except to give you something else, or someone else, better!

I promise you on the authority of God’s Holy Word that if YOU will DIE to that, God will bring forth resurrection life!

Pray NOW … obey God, and yield to Him. Die to that situation, person, or thing … and then watch God bring resurrection life and multiply it around the world!

I trust this teaching will help you.

Your friend,
Prince Handley


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