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Feb 22, 2015



 Prince Handley
President / Regent


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We know that certain situations must come to pass in the Last Days. However, our job is to be an influence in the generation and environment in which God has placed us. We are to be Soldiers of the Spirit—Prophets of Pentecost. To help in this great End Time—God anointed—conscription of people called to the Office of Prophet, I have provided specific—but simple—instructions for a productive, peaceful and powerfully anointed lifestyle.

Also, included in this message is a PROPHECY concerning the next great spiritual awakening in North America … plus a WARNING about the economy.



Slow down. Don't load your plate—or your palate—with too much! Focus and stay free!

Tough times are coming and your strength is to wait on God. Things look pretty good now—THE Dow over 18,000, Gold at 1200 and fair employment—as far as the economy is concerned; however, “What you see is NOT what you get” in natural sight … that is, economic conditions NOW are NOT precursors for conditions FUTURE. What is coming will be WORSE than 2001 and 2008. Make sure—if you live in a metroplex—that you are prayed up and protected.

If you follow my BLOG you will know that in 2008 I told my subscribers to SELL any real estate that was not their primary residence (unless, of course, they needed it for business). And, I told them to BUY real estate again in 2012 and 2013 when real estate was on the upswing. I followed my own instructions—4 months early in September, 2011—by the leading of the LORD. Check a graph of real estate values and you will see this advice was “spot on.”



 Your greatest investment to protect you and your family
from the coming downturn is sowing into God's Work.


So I want to tell you NOW … Tough times are coming and your strength is to wait on God. Things look pretty good now as far as the economy is concerned; however, “What you see is NOT what you get” in natural sight … that is, economic conditions NOW are NOT precursors for conditions FUTURE. However, I have GREAT NEWS for you. What you SEEwhat you envisionwith your mind's eye in FAITH is what you get.

I have a prophetic message for YOU from God.

Slow down NOW.

Get involved helping others

Do NOT overload yourself with schedule.

Cut out in your mind's eye what you want in the future.

Write down your Spirit goals and claim Mark 11:24 regularly.


The reason you need to slow down NOW is because stressful times are coming. You will need all the “preparation” you can get to maintain spiritual equilibrium. If you have not done so, study my teachings below:

Frustration and Your Future – The Way Out

Dealing with Stress in the End Times

I have developed two different definitions of “spiritual balance” over the years. I used to get so tired of hearing theologians and Bible teachers using the term “balanced” as an excuse for NOT evangelizing vigorously, NOT being bold in the faith or NOT making waves. So I taught people in my seminars that being “balanced” spiritually is “to be radical in every direction.” My other definition of “balance”—the micro one—is to maintain a “peace zone” out of which you refuse to wander. That is, stay in Area 14 where you refuse to be bothered: by Satan, by demons, by people … even by Christians.

I just experienced an incident with a friend—who I thought was close, but who was definitely agitated by Satan over waters long past—while I was planning one of the most strategic projects for Jews in Israel. In those times, especially when you are involved in strategic planning for the LORD, do NOT embrace that spirit of discord. Let it go! You have better roads to travel. Also, situations when people (or, demons) come “out of the woodwork” can be great “signs” for you that what you are working on is SUPER important for the LORD … and for the people you're going to reach. You can smile—sit back—and laugh at the devil. Focus and stay free!


Select a way to help others: a ministry by which you can serve God.

You already may be involved in ministry of some sort, but spend more time helping individuals “one-on-one.” This can be in addition to what you are already doing. However, re-arrange your schedule to give you “flex-time.” Make sure you allow for more “breathing space.” REST!!!

In returning and rest you will be saved (made whole). In quietness and in confidence will be your victory.” – Isaiah 30:15

I received a MIRACLE healing through the above Scripture one time. I had been so busy serving God that I had NOT been observing my Sabbath Rest. (Sometimes if I have been ministering on Sundays, I rest on Mondays.) I was in an Isolation Ward with several rare diseases. Not even the nurse could come into the room. The nurse had to take my information from outside the room. She asked me: “What is your date of birth?” I said, “Which one do you want?” She said, “Do you mean you have had MORE than one birth?” I said, “Yes. When I was born naturally from my mother … and when I was born supernaturally by the Holy Spirit of God when I received Jesus Christ as my Lord.” The nurse answered and said, “I know what you're saying is true. My father is a minister but I have never experienced it.”

You have to take your Day of Rest that God provided to refresh you. During that day I often declare prophetically into nations and groups—and myself—for great works of God. And those prophetic declarations include WAYS and MEANS of helping people: now and in the future.

Sometimes—especially at the end of the day—I do NOT feel like ministering to people. However, I then think of HOW the LORD did NOT feel like going to the cross—and staying on the cross—for me! So, I continue. Sometimes it may be replying to email requests for prayer, or calling a person on the phone who needs help. I never have the problem when ministering to a crowd because there is a special anointing in those environments. But … Jesus died for individuals. Never stop helping people “one-on-one.” But maintain your rest so you can stay free!


You need to learn when to say, “No.” If you wear yourself down you will NOT be able to minister effectively to others. Set a schedule and stick with it. Lots of ministers have died from heart attacks. They went home prematurely and cut off people from their ministry.

Learn to establish boundaries of time, relationships and money. Do NOT put undue pressure on yourself. You are the master of your time. You are NOT a slave to a schedule. There is ENOUGH time to do what God wants you to do! The One Who is the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega, has given you ENOUGH TIME to do what He wants you to do. Your job is to find out—to determine—WHATHe wants you to do. This is arrived at by spending daily time in Bible reading, prayer, meditation, and from time-to-time fasting.  

  • Know WHAT you want to do (that is, what God wants you to do); and,
  • Plan HOW to do it.  

You also need to determine how to profit from your leisure, or non-work, time. Is watching TV a profitable experience for you? Sometime it is: if you are relaxing, or learning, or being inspired. But the next day ask yourself, "In what way did I profit from watching TV yesterday?" If you determine that you did not profit from that experience, then change your life style. Spend your non-work time creating, praying, building your mind, body, and spirit; also, listening and playing.

Also, do NOT put off plans or experiences because of TIME. Jump in! If God wants you to do it, then take the TIME. God will make a way for you to do what He wants you to do, but YOU have to INITIATE the action with FAITH.


While at a large metropolitan city—I don't remember where—I was in a hotel room reflecting, praying, and meditating before going to minister. Several stories up, I was looking out over the city to a large forest. I thought, "Where did all those trees come from?"As quickly as I had this thought, came an answer: "From a seed."

What kind of forest would you likeor needto grow today?Is it a forest for your family, for your ministry, for the nations of the world . . . or for something personal in your life?

This is where the POINT OF DECISION is so important. Learn to ACT towards God at the point of decision.My mother used to say, "You should have nipped it in the bud." We are continuously growing forests: either negatively or positively. This is why Jesus said: "For a beautiful tree does not produce worthless fruit; neither does a rotten tree produce valuable fruit." (Luke 6:43)

In the book of Job—Chapter 22, verse 28—we read an amazing truth: “You will also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto you ..." In the original Hebrew language the word "decree" is a primitive root form of the word "gazar", which means "to cut out exclusively, or to decide". In its primitive form it is used also as a "quarrying" term ... as in cutting out stone from a rock quarry. It means more than to "say" or "speak". It conveys the meaning of "cutting something out in your mind's eye"; that is, "to envision—to make a vision—to decide upon it, and confess it" ... and then it will be established unto you!

Learn to spend quality time meditating and thinking—visualizing in the mind's eye of your heart—the GREAT THINGS you want to do for God. Plant and grow GIANT FORESTS of good. Remember, God promised you that He is "able to do exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think." (Ephesians 3:20) Spend time planting and cultivating your forest. Any worthwhile thing in life takes time, so why not spend good quality time planning and preparing your forest: Cut it out in your mind's eye. Then, decree prophetically and bring it into existence.


Write down you Spirit directed goals so you can meditate upon them—pray about them—and receive them by FAITH. Decree their implementation prophetically! Once you SEE it you can bring it to pass prophetically by FAITH. Many people have been helped by my book, Faith and Quantum Physics. It has helped them to know the reality of God's universal laws and how faith decrees—working with God's laws—can bring into reality things that previously were only possibilities and probabilities.

By writing down your Spirit directed goals—those goals you have obtained by the leading of God through prayer, vision and faith—you have record of the evidence upon which to target your faith. I keep mine on a 3 x 5 index card where they are easy to keep with me in a shirt pocket, Bible or notebook. Nations are in the balance. People and ethnic groups are needing deliverance and MIRACLES. You can also write down or memorize Scriptures that pertain to each of your Holy Spirit defined goals. Or, if you need scripture affirmations pertaining to the Four Pillars of Life for YOU, then you will find them in my book, Total Person Toolbox. Stay powerful, whole, prosperous and authoritative with this book.

Also, learn to use a “catalyst” with your prophetic decrees by receiving them in FAITH via Messiah Jesus' promise in Mark 11:24: “Whatever things you ask for when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.”

Many people will be used by the LORD in these End Times for creative prophecy. Prophetic decrees established in the Spirit and carried out by the prophet will bring MIRACLE happenings to many sectors of society.

Politicians, government leaders and dictators will be removed from office.

Confusion will be loosed into evil empires and groups like ISIS.

Great spiritual awakenings will happen with MIRACLES in public places.

Many in the cults, occult and false religions will be visited by Messiah Jesus.

We know that certain situations must come to pass in the Last Days. However, our job is to be an influence in the generation and environment in which God has placed us. We are to be Soldiers of the Spirit—Prophets of Pentecost. To help in this great End Time—God anointed—conscription of people called to the Office of Prophet, I have written the book, Prophecy, Transition & Miracles. If you feel that the LORD is calling you for this purpose in this day and hour, then everything you need for instruction is in this book. It will jump start YOU.



 Next great spiritual awakening in North America
will emanate from Victoria, BC, Canada.



Faith and Quantum Physics

Total Person Toolbox

Prophecy, Transition
& Miracles






   If you feel the LORD would like you to help Prince Handley
get the message of Good News to people while the door is open,



Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

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