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Oct 30, 2007

APOSTLE TALK - Future News Now!

with Prince Handley

Prince Handley


1. Train others - The 'Ringstrake' Principle.

2. Use the Media.

3. Have a 'distribution point'.

4. Pray for 'an anointing of multiplication'.


Re-study How To Win The World For Christ. Go over (review) the Seven Keys. Never forget them. It is one thing to KNOW something powerful; but it is another thing to USE the knowledge. Wisdom is "knowledge in action"! The Seven Keys should be used every day!

Whether your ministry is that of an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, rabbi, teacher, or Christian worker... Jesus said: "teach (disciple) all nations". If you closely follow Jesus through the Gospels, you will be convinced that there should be a "school or yeshivah by every bush"! Find some people to teach, and start teaching; then multiply what you're doing by using the Seven Keys.

Now... get ready to learn something NEW: The 'Ringstrake' Principle. It works powerfully! Stated simply, the 'Ringstrake' Principle says this: "whatever the people you disciple SEE you do for God, THEY WILL DO. Now they, like you, will experience MIRACLES ... real miracles!

If the people you train see you preaching in the open-air like the Apostles in the early church, then they will know to do the same. They will also KNOW they CAN do the same! If the people you train see you praying for the crippled and SEE arms or legs growing, they will KNOW to do the same; they will also KNOW they CAN do the same!

Study Genesis Chapter 30, verses 25-43. The people you train will CONCEIVE in their minds - a vision will be "birthed" - as they SEE Christ work through you. This is why it is good to spend time with the people you are training, as the Spirit leads.


Re-study Lesson Plan Six, Using The Media To Preach Christ. Let God multiply His work through you through the use of literature, tapes, videos, websites, comics, and any other form of media that can be used by the Holy Spirit. Remember, the media is to be used to "teach all nations;" it should reflect and magnify Christ... not man!


You need:

1. A base of operations.

2. A place where people can contact you.

3. A place from where you can distribute, ship, or disseminate the Word of God in the various forms of media you will produce.

These three may or may not be at the same place. In this Lesson Plan we will only discuss #3: a distribution point.

You need to have a 'distribution point' (or an address) that people can depend on - and that YOU can depend on! It should be permanent, unless God changes it. This is your link to millions of people (and possibly, in the next ten years, to billions). Millions of people and multitudes of nations are "hanging" in the balance depending upon the decisions you make and the Word of God you ship or mail to them every day!

Your distribution point does not have to be elaborate or expensive, but it should be efficient and practical. You have a serious calling from God and you must be a good steward!

"Who then is faithful and wise servant, whom his lord has made ruler over his household, to give them meat [strong Word, not milk] in due season." "Blessed is that servant, who when his lord comes, shall find so doing."  [Matthew 24:45]


Lay hands on and pray over EVERYTHING and EVERYONE you send out: Ministers and workers; literature; tapes; films; prayer cloths. Ask God to put His power on them. Ask God for the "apostolic power of Christ" to invade the earth through them. Pray for MIRACLES to magnify Christ.

Pray for people to be saved, healed, delivered, baptized in the Spirit, prospered, and sent out to do the work of Christ. Ask God to raise up a great Holy Ghost church in every village and neighborhood of the earth ... and a great Holy Ghost witness in every house, home, or family of the earth through the WORK and the PEOPLE you send out! Believe!!

Thirty (30) years ago Apostle Handley asked God for a confirmation about a piece of literature he had written and was to be sending out. It was Lesson Four, How to Receive The Power of God, in the Bible Studies course. He wanted God to show him if he should include this lesson in the series and received three (3) confirmations within about one week.

The very first person who received that lesson was baptized in the Holy Spirit the day they received it in the mail. Then a Jew wrote from New York and said, "You wouldn't believe what came out of my mouth when Jesus baptized me in the Holy Spirit" (as a result of the lesson). Thirdly, a man wrote saying that as soon as he took his lesson out of the envelope he read one sentence and was knocked down by a strange force and another language came out of his mouth!

"Believe! All things are possible to him that believes."  [Mark 9:23]

If you are not available to lay hands on the materials - or the people - then commission others to do it. Lay your hands on them and pray over them so the apostolic power of Christ will flow through them. At times, when Apostle Handley has not been able to be present for an ordination service in a distant place, God would instruct him to send a prayer cloth over which he had prayed, and to have the prayer cloth laid on the minister.

If the Holy Spirit can supply the resurrection power of Christ to heal in this manner (Acts 19:11-12), then He surely can impart the gifts of the Spirit and enablement for ministry in the same manner. These should be "special" cases, however, because the normal Scriptural pattern would be to personally lay hands on those being ordained and sent out.

Ask God for 'an anointing of multiplication'! The kingdom of Heaven is like leaven (or, yeast): it grows and spreads. Jesus still multiplies bread, and He can multiply the work, the workers, and the Word of God!

Your friend and brother,
Apostle Handley


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