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Mar 31, 2021


Prince Handley
President / Regent

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The program of GodHis Master Plan for YOUis revealed in God's Word … and is fed into your computerYOUR SOULas you read His Word. If you know the LORD, there is one part of you that is already perfect! So as you're programming your soulas a result―your body does not have to act or react according to the false programming of Satan. Today, the Master Builder will begin to revealand to developHis Plan of Success, Power, and Authority … with fulfillment … in YOU.



The Master Builder is going to reveal his plan to you today.

The Holy Bible tells us that “a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” When a structural engineer designs a new building, he tries to segment his design in triangular relationship. In the past I owned a home design and architectural company. A wise architect attempts to join the underpinning logically in combinations of units of three, especially in geographic areas where earthquake activity is a possibility.

Man is a tripartite being … designed after his Maker. God is a triune being: Godthe Father; Godthe Son; and Godthe Holy Spirit. God designed man with a body, with a soul, and with a spirit. YOU are a spirit … YOU have a soul … YOU live in a body! The reason God designed man this way was so man would be structurally strong to be able to withstand the attacks of man's archenemy: the devil (Satan). Jesus Christ destroyed the works of the devil on the cross-stake. And right now … Christ is reaching out his healing touch to YOUto ALL of your three dimensions: body, soul and spirit.

Messiah's death for you on the cross effected a twofold achievement. First … Messiah Yeshua defeated Satan. A few hours before Jesus went to the cross, He said: “Now is the prince of this world (referring to the devil) cast out. Second, with his blood Messiah purchased soundness and wholeness (or salvation) for all three dimensions of your being: your spirit, your soul and your body. You don't have to be bound by sin and guilt. You don't have to be unstable emotionally or mentally in your soul. You don't have to be sick or diseased in your body. And because of the soundness available to you in all three dimensions of your lifeyour spirit, your soul and your bodyyou do not have to be a failure. You, my friend are a success … and you do not have to be dependent on anyone except God, your Father in Heaven!

The life that wins is the life filled with Messiah Jesus. Now, how do you receive the soundness for your whole man? First, by realizing that as a result of asking Messiah to take over your life, you have a newborn-againspirit. That is, your human spirit is reborn. Jesus told the religious ruler of his day: “You must be born again.” [See Yochanan (John) Chapter 3:verses 1-7 in the Brit Chadashah (New Testament)]

Religion cannot change man's inner spirit. The Bible says that “the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord.” God's spirit lights, or ignites, your human spirit when you receive Messiah Jesus as your Lord and are born-again. When Jesus comes into your life, He enters your life by the Holy Spirit and causes you to be born into God's family. Now … there is something about you that's perfect. And this should start your life afresh right now. Let me say it again: “Something about you is perfect.” You're rebornrecreatedhuman spirit is perfect.

NOTICE: The perfect part of you (your reborn human spirit) allows the rest of you to be changed. Your body and your soulyour intellect, your mind, your emotion, your willcan be changed because you now have one part of you that is already perfect: your reborn human spirit. Since your human spirit is reborn, it can now receive TRUTH from God's Word. Before, when you read the Bible, it seemed like it was dead. However, you were the one that was dead and the Word of God was alive. Now that the author lives in younow that you have been born-again, and the Holy Spirit lives in you―YOU can receive the things of God as you read the Word of God. So you can renew your mind now as you feed on God's Word … and now you can program your SOULyour mind, your intellect, your willto the program of God.

The program of GodHis Master Plan for YOUis revealed in God's Word … and is fed into your computerYOUR SOULas you read His Word. So as you're programming your soulas a result―your body does not have to act or react according to the false programming of Satan. Your physical senses may tell you certain things. For example, you may feel discouragement as a result of a relationship or a medical report  or you may see an empty bank account but your renewed mind tells your senses, “That's inferior and deceptive programming.” Your renewed mind commands your senses, “React to the Master Plan or … rather to the Master (Jesus) by whose stripes you've been healed.”

I trust this teaching has helped you today.

Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

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My friend, how would you like to have your own personal ministry reaching Jews in the land of Israel … directly from your own house, your own apartment, your own automobile. Do you want God to bless you, your family, your country? If so, then you bless Israel. You ask me, “How?” My answer, “From your own home, addressing postcards to people in Israel and then mailing them.” It only costs a few pennies to mail a postcard overseas. We will supply you with postcards that are designed by the Holy Spirit to reach the heart of the Jews. And we'll supply you with sample messages of what to write them in your own handwriting.

God will bless you for blessing the Jews. You can do it from your own home in your own spare time. As many as you want … as few as you want. So IF you're interested in having your own personal ministry directly to Jews inside the land of Israel, write to me and ask for the details of project Israel. Now remember to include your email address, also. Send to Prince Handley ~ PO Box 1001, Bonsall, California 92003 USA.

The God of Israel will bless you abundantly!

Your friend,
Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

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