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Sep 28, 2017

APOSTLE TALK – Future News Now

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence


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In this show we discuss how ONE prophecy and the Gifts of the
Holy Spirit can multiply into healing miracles and spread to nations.

This is a TRUE account of REAL MIRACLE happenings.
Let it encourage you to obey the LORD and share ALL the Gospel.



I received a phone call from my Jewish friend, Leon Brookes, asking me if I would consider teaching on the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” to a large adult class where he was one of the leaders at the First Baptist Church in Downey, California, USA.

Leon told me they were studying “motivation” and he said the LORD had impressed him to invite me to share on the ministry of the Ruach Elohim (Spirit of God). I accepted the invitation and I remember clearly what I was thinking while sitting in the group area before I spoke.

Before I got up to teach, a member of the class had requested prayer for a young man who had been a youth pastor at the church years before and who had just been in a very serious auto accident in another state … and who was in a coma. (That's all they knew about the situation.)

Well, that got my attention. I then knew HOW the LORD wanted me to share about the Gifts of the Spirit. A few days before, I had been in a restaurant and overheard someone talking about the young pastor who was in the auto accident. They mentioned his name … but all they knew was that he was in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis – St. Paul) area of the United States (about 2,000 miles or 3,200 km away).

The morning AFTER hearing about the accident in the restaurant I was on my knees praying. Before I got up from praying, I was praying for the young man who I heard about being involved in the auto accident. All I knew was his name: Mark Shore. I asked the LORD to heal him―BUT THEN―the LORD instructed me to go call him and pray for him. God told me that He wanted to heal him. I said, “I don't know where he's at!” “I don't know how to find him.” Then God told me, “Why don't you try?” “Why don't you give me the benefit of the doubt?”

I thought, “Well, he's supposed to be somewhere in the Twin Cities area back East, so I guess I can just call hospitals in the area.” I got up and proceeded to call information for hospitals in that area. I think it was the second call I made that I found where Mark Shore was at. He had been in a coma, but when I called his room he was conscious. (His wife and child had died as a result of the accident as I remember.) When I talked to him (remember … we did NOT know each other), I read Psalm 116 to him, and prayed with him for his healing. I then gave him a prophecy about his future ministry. Then I hung up the phone.

So … back to the meeting where I was getting ready to speak. When they asked me to come up to speak I forgot all about the incident of calling Mark Shore and praying with him. I started sharing with the audience about HOW the Gifts of the Holy Spirit can motivate people to encourage others … and, also, HOW each of the nine gifts of the Spirit operates. [1 Corinthians 12:7-12]

Well … when I started to teach on how the gift of prophecy operates ... all of a sudden I remembered about Mark Shore―and when I prophesied to him on the phone a few days before―and then the explosion happened!

I told the audience, “As an example of HOW the gift of prophecy operates … a few days ago I was on my knees praying and the LORD instructed me to call a young man who used to minister here at your church and prophesy to him and pray for his healing.” (I explained to them that I did NOT know him but had heard about him in passing conversation at a restaurant a few days before.)

I told the audience, “If you would like to contact him, he is in Ramsey Hospital, Room 650, Bed No. 2, in St. Paul, Minnesota.” [Note: Ramsey Hospital is now Regions Hospital.] As soon as I said that, an anointing of healing broke out through the audience. One lady in the back stood up and said, “Fire just went through my body; I have been healed.”

Many miracles happened during that service, and at the end, one of the other leaders asked me, “Will you please come to my house one night next week. We are having a meeting and would like you to share more about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit?” I said, “Yes” and made an appointment to meet with them at the home.

The next week at the Home Bible Study several people received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues with several other MIRACLES happening. However, the beautiful result was that the next Sunday evening at the First Baptist Church 125 people received Christ as their Saviour after hearing what the LORD had been doing in and through the congregation.

A few years later I was teaching at a Women's Conference in Ojai, California, USA. I don't remember what I was speaking about, but suddenly the Holy Spirit impressed me to share the testimony of when I had called Mark Shore and prayed for his healing and prophesied to him. It was the first―and only―time I had used his name (except at the First Baptist Church). A lady was so overcome by what I shared that after the meeting she told me the “rest of the story.” As a result of being healed―and as a result of the prophecy I gave to Mark Shore―his mother-in-law was saved and then she became an international speaker for Christian Women's Events.

Obey God.
Operate in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Give God the benefit of the doubt.
You will help many people and see many MIRACLES!

Below are TWO resources that will greatly help you operate in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and, also, help you learn HOW to prophesy with creative decrees. Plus a THIRD resource describing the divisiveness and protests happening today … with personal testimonies of people who had been caught up in anarchy and then became warriors for Christ. Also included is a prophetic section for YOU, the messenger of God.





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Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai!

Your friend,

Prince Handley
President / Regent
University of Excellence

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