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Oct 15, 2019




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In this podcast teaching we will discuss how to understand God's transitions IN and FOR your life. There is NO shortage in God's Kingdom! You can live in the freedom of God's provision for YOU … and for those whom God wants to bless through you. What do you need today? God wants to make something beautiful out of your life … because there's no shortage in His Kingdom.





God is going to make something beautiful out of your life today!


Elijah had a beautiful life because he was beautifully obedient to the will of God. Yet there were a lot of times that he probably said, “God, what is it now? Why are you doing this now?”

And yet God had a man here that could believe God, not only for great ministry to the leader of the nationnot only for great prophetic messages to deliverbut he could believe God for the provision of his life in day to day circumstances. He was as much a man of faith in the little things of life as he was on the mountain top. I want to tell you today that there is no shortage in God's love for you, my friendno shortage in God's mercyno shortage in God's provision for you today. What do you need today? God wants to make something beautiful out of your life … because there's no shortage in His Kingdom.


Elijah sure had a running experience with God. Every day he was stretched out. Every day he had to lean on God. God would never let him rest in faith. You might say, “But I thought that the walk with Christ was a faith-rest walk.” It is, but you rest by not stopping; you rest by not retiring. You rest by NOT being upon the shelflatent as a servant of Godretiring from the field. You cannot do it, brothers and sisters. You cannot do it because God has not designed that you stop being a servant. And if you're on the shelf today, there's only one way off. That's to jump! You can't slide off the shelf. You can't climb down. You have to jump. And when you jump out into the arena of faith, you will obligate God to pick you up. You may be bored today and if so, it's because you're not moving in faith.

I want to tell you that Messiah Jesus will thrill the depths of your soul every day of your life―IF you let Him. I've never had a bad day since I've met Jesus. There have been some days that I've had some problemsbut instantly as I loosed them to Messiah Jesusthey were no problems any longer because he dissolved them. Jesus wants to come into your life with POWER as He did into Elijah's life to let you be a vessel that he can bless … so that you can be a blessing wherever you go. You see, God wants to bless you, that you may be a blessing. Elijah down at the brook of water leaned on God just as much as he did when he went to deliver a message to the king. And at the brook, when the water ran out, he leaned upon God again. Elijah realized there was a transition in his life.

He realized that change was coming up. He said, “God, you sent me to this brook; you sent me down here and I obeyed you … but the water's running out. As a matter of fact, God, it's dry.” And then he realized this was one of those times when God had a change coming up. You may be in that situation today. God may seen very far from you, but he's not. He's not, my friend. God is right in the depths of your soul IF you're seeking him today. And God wants you to know that there is a change in your life from time to timethere is a transitional periodbut this is the MOST important time to lean on God in faith. It's at the very time you think God's done using you, that God is getting ready to use you MORE than He ever has before.

It's that very time the enemy would try to throw oppression and depression into your midst that God is getting ready to lead you into a powerful work that will smite Satan and flood the earth with God's Glory.


My friend, that's the time you need to realize there's a transition in your life. You see, Elijah was in that period. He probably could have murmured. He could have complained. He probably wondered, “What is it God, what is it this time? Why do you reveal great things to me concerning others and yet in my own life, I don't understand what you're doing many times?” And then the Spirit of God dropped an air of faith into his heart and said, “Elijah, you're in a transition … you're in a transition.” You may be there today, my friend. Listen to God, because God MAY have a different option for your life.

God said to Elijah, “Option A is completed, Elijah. Now I want you to go to a widow's house.” And then Elijah thought, “Oh, that's why the rains stopped. I remember I spoke a word of faith to the King and said, there won't be any dew these years ... there won't be any rain these years, according to the Word of the Lord.” Elijah realized he was eating his prayersthat in God's ProvidenceGod had designed the best for him. God wants the best for you, my friend. God wants to bless you today abundantly, so you can be a blessing to the nations of the world … and to everyone with whom you come in contact. Elijah probably realized, “I see it now. God has something new, something different.” So he went to Zarephath. By the way, “Zarephath” [in Hebrew] means “Refinement.” God refines his prophets. God refines his servants. And if you've been fruitful in the kingdom of God, God is going to refine YOU because he wants you to be MORE productive: to bring forth more fruit.

Remember, Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) said, “I am the vine. You are the branches ... Without me, you can do nothing. And every branch that brings forth fruit, my Father will purge it.” You see, He's going to prune it so that it can bring forth more fruit. God prunes only those that are bringing forth fruit … so that they can be more fruitful, not just in the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control ... but as the Christian bears fruit. A lemon tree brings forth lemons, a Christian brings for Christians. So Elijah went to the widow's house and he was hungry. He probably thought, “I thank God I can go to a widow's house instead of letting those ravens feed me.” So he went to her and said, “I would like some water to drink.”

The widow lady said, “I will get you a drink of water.” And as she was going, Elijah said, “I would like a little bread, also, would you make me a little cake?” She answered, “I can't do that. I've just got enough grain left for me and my son.” As a matter of fact, she said, “I'm going out to pick up some sticks to make a fire so we can cook our last meal. My son and I will eat the last of our meal, and I only have a little cooking oil left … and we're going to die here.” And Elijah spoke something to her that was seemingly preposterous. He said, “Bake me a little cake first!” (Something inside that widow lady let her know that this was a Prophet of God speaking to her.) She made Elijah a little cake from the last grain she had left for her and her family! The Bible tells us that God multiplied that meal. And she and her house did eat many days until the day that God sent rain back upon the earth. Then … God had another option for Elijah!

I am certain that God didn't send Elijah to the widow's house so much for himself as he did for the widow's sake. For Elijah was used to living by faith. Elijah was used to having God provide for him, but the widow was not. My friend, God may be designing things in your life, and this changethis period of transition in your lifehas some new things that are approaching you in the Spirit. God says to YOU, "I have designed nothing for you, my child, except the best. I want to bless you." Open up and receive everything God has for you today. You may not know what God's doing, but God will never deny you anything (or anyone) ... except to give you something (or someone) better!

When Elijah was in Option A at the brook, God provided for him naturally through ravens, but when he went to Option B at the widow's house in Zarephath, God provided for him supernaturally by the multiplication of food. You see, it doesn't matter how God works … just so He works. It doesn't matter whether God works naturally or supernaturally, just so he works. And my friend, God may work differently in your life today than he did last year or last month. He may work differently in your life than he does in the life of another believer, but it doesn't matter how God works in your life, just so he works! Today … God wants to come in and touch your life. There's no shortage in God's Kingdom.


I want to give you a FREE book that will teach you how to draw on God's bank of provision daily like Elijah did. God has no shortage in His Kingdom. Elijah had vibrancy in his life because dailymoment by momenthe leaned upon the provision of God. My friend, God's provision is directed at you in various avenues ... so learn the principle in this FREE book titled, “When to Give and When NOT to Give!” and then teach it to others. Email to Ask for SG-20 in the “Subject” line.


Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai.

Your friend,
Prince Handley

Podcast time: 16 minutes, 38 seconds.

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