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Feb 19, 2009

APOSTLE TALK  -  Future News Now!
with Prince Handley


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Jesus taught, “Except a grain of wheat falls into the ground and die, it abides alone: but if it die, it brings forth much fruit.” 
(John 12:24)

What is it that God is asking YOU to DIE TO at this point of your life, ministry, business, or family?

If YOU will DIE to that thing, or to those things, about which God is speaking TO YOU, you will see resurrection: MIRACLE production!

One time God told me to die to my sleep. (At that time that was meddling … a real death!) I promised God I would do this, and in a few days God gave me the opportunity to prove my sincerity!!

One morning I was sleeping soundly and the Lord prompted me to get up early to go to a prayer meeting scheduled for 6:00 AM. I did NOT want to get up because I was sleeping soundly (the kind of sleep where you wake up and smile because you don’t have to get up!). Also, I just did NOT want to go to the prayer meeting. However, I remembered my promise to God, and grudgingly arose and went to shower. My body did not want to go to the prayer meeting. My mind did not want to go to the prayer meeting. I did not want to go to the prayer meeting!

When I arrived at the prayer meeting there were only a few men there. As I was about to enter the door a man grabbed my hand to shake it and left something in the palm of my hand. When I opened my hand to look I saw lots of hundred dollar bills. I woke up real fast. I was so glad I went to the prayer meeting: my body was glad … my mind was glad … and I was glad; we were all glad!

The person who put the money in my hand did NOT know that I had an important foreign language project I was working on and that money allowed me to sow into the field of many countries. As God is my witness, I can account for every dollar being used for that project (except for I think 26 cents). Multiplied thousands of people have been reached for Messiah Jesus and built up as disciples for many years as a result.

I died to my sleep and God brought resurrection power – MIRACLE harvests – to many nations, tribes, and people!

What is God asking YOU to DIE TO? Is it that power play in your family or at the office, is it your impatience or your ego, OR is it that interpersonal relationship at your church or ministry? What is it about which the LORD is … or has been … dealing with you? Is it a person or thing? I promise you on the authority of God’s Holy Word that if YOU will DIE to that, God will bring forth resurrection life!

Pray NOW … obey God, and yield to Him. Die to that situation, person, or thing … and then watch God bring resurrection life and multiply it around the world!

Your friend,
Prince Handley

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