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Mar 16, 2009

APOSTLE TALK  -  Future News Now!
with Prince Handley


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Jesus taught, “Except a grain of wheat falls into the ground and die, it abides alone: but if it die, it brings forth much fruit.” [John 12:24]

What is it that God is asking YOU to DIE TO at this point of your life and ministry?

If YOU will DIE to that thing, or to those things, about which God is speaking TO YOU, you will see increased productivity: resurrection power!

In 1976 I and my family of five lived in a little 22 foot by 22-foot house (I have over twice the children now). There was one bedroom and I even disposed of the bed so I could use the bedroom for an office (volunteer workers would come over and work in the other part of the house).

My family and I were sleeping on the floor at night. The children were little and sometimes they would wet the bed (the floor!) while sleeping. I decided I was going to do something about this. That is, let God do something about it!

After praying, the Lord laid it upon my heart to give a certain portion (offering) above my tithe to Him for six (6) months. The offering amount was a very high portion: higher than I had ever given. During those months I would get up before dawn and write down Bible verses on cards, then memorize them and record them onto cassettes. I DIED to both the comfort of sleep and the comfort of only giving my usual offering amount above the tithe.

At the end of the six months I was instructed of the Lord to leave that place (I really liked it - it was my comfort zone) and take my family with me to another state far away. When I arrived there, I located my family in a nice place to stay and decided to get alone for a while in a previously used animal shed on a farm in a rural area.

I locked myself into the shed and instructed that no one should come see me or contact me because I wanted to fast and be alone with the Lord. I took in enough water to last for 40 days. I shut myself in, making sure the door and all windows were locked and covered, making it impossible for anyone to come in or to see in.

After a few days I heard footsteps approaching the shed in the barn. I had instructed my family that nobody was to come there or to try to contact me. I just wanted to be alone with God. When I heard the footsteps I even placed a chair against the door (even though it was locked) to make sure nobody could enter. Then, I heard the footsteps walk away; there was no knock and no voice.

Later, I looked under the chair and saw an envelope. When I opened it I found $75,000 USD. I didn’t know what to do … except praise God!!! I stayed another few days and the same thing happened, only this time there was $25,000 USD. That made a total of $100,000 dollars US! I talked to God about it: I said, “God, I know I promised you I would be with here for 40 days, but I think I need to go to the bank!”

No, I did NOT sell my soul. Actually, God understood and used this money to keep me from serious damage to my body. The animal shed where I was fasting had just been painted before I locked myself in, and I would have been seriously injured internally (poisoned) had I stayed there longer. God not only used the money to bless me, but also to get me out of the place to protect my body from harm. As it was, I had some bad effects later from just the few days I was there.

I died to my comfort zone of a home where I was reaching nations and where I had lived for a few years: where people knew me and where the ministry was centered; and God brought resurrection power – increased productivity - to many nations, tribes, and peoples!

I was able to purchase printing equipment that helped me reach many more thousands of people in many languages, and to travel overseas to nations with the Good News! Many new churches have been raised up through the literature we have published through the years.

Go to WWW.REALMIRACLES.COM and select MEDIA on the BLUE navigation button at the LEFT of any web page. (Or go directly to: You will arrive at the site where you can listen to radio programs (and other messages) that have also been made possible by the $100,000 MIRACLE described above.

We bought time and put these programs on different radio stations for 40 consecutive broadcasts and offered $36 in FREE Bible teaching cassettes to anyone who would write. They have gone around the world in the last 30 years and ended up in far away villages in other countries; and eventually led us into podcasting (which you are listening to right now).

Miracles - real miracles - were experienced by people as they listened to these broadcasts. One man wrote us and said as he was driving down the highway he put his hand on the radio and it felt like electricity was going through his body as he was instantly healed.

What is God asking YOU to DIE TO? Is it that power play down at the office, is it your impatience or your ego, OR is it that interpersonal relationship at your church or ministry?

What is it about which the Lord is or has been dealing with you? Is it a person or thing? I promise you on the authority of God’s Holy Word that if YOU will DIE to that person or thing, God will bring forth resurrection life!

Pray NOW … obey God, and yield to Him. Die to that situation, person, or thing … and then watch God bring resurrection life - increased productivity - and multiply it around the world!

Remember, the Holy Spirit is God's agent on earth to supply the resurrection power of Christ!

I know this teaching will help you experience miracles, increased productivity, and resurrection power.

Your friend,
Prince Handley

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Copyright 2009 Prince Handley
All Rights Reserved

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